DreamHack will be switching to NFC (near-field communication) to allow better control regarding festival badges and wristbands. This will also ensure that details such as access levels can be stored more securely.

We’ll be deploying the NFC system for the BYOC section as well, which means no more pesky numbered-stickers! You will instead get NFC stickers that have your DHID coded onto them. Security will scan you and your hardware to verify access when removing equipment.


NFC wristband home-delivery is available now for DreamHack Atlanta, allowing you to swoosh straight pass registration desks with your preloaded NFC when you arrive at our festival. We were unfortunately unable to implement this home-delivery feature in time for DreamHack Dallas.


In the future, your DreamHack ID (DHID) linked to your app will also be linked in the wristband, allowing you to sign up for raffles and other scheduled items by just tapping your wristband onto a portal at the event. We will release details as soon as we are ready for implementation!

You can also read more about our latest security update for DreamHack Dallas.

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