World Class fifa at dreamhack SUMMER

Presenting the first ever edition of a top professional FIFA-tournament: Nordic Masters! The tournament takes place on Sunday, 16 June 2019 and will see the top 2 teams from the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian FIFA-leagues competing for the honor of Scandinavia.

In September DreamHack launched the FIFA-league eSuperliga in cooperation with the Danish league (Divisionsforeningen) and in February eAllsvenskan in cooperation with the Swedish league (Svensk Elitfotbol) and Marcus Lindmark, DreamHack CEO, is excited about how far this cooperation has taken FIFA in Scandinavia in such short time:

“We’re extremely proud to already be able to bring a Nordic FIFA-product and tournament in addition to the national leagues. Seeing the success with the three FIFA-leagues locally in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, for us it seemed like the obvious next step to cooperate around a Scandinavian cross border tournament. Scandinavians love to compete against each other, and now we have a tournament where the competition revolves around finding the best FIFA-team in all of Scandinavia; an unofficial Nordic Championship”


The Grand Final is played best of 3 matches. All other matches are played best of 2 (home/away) with winner on aggregate score in case of draw. Matches will be played on PlayStation only and in FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode. The grand prize pool is 10.000 USD – winner takes it all.



*All matches are BO2 except Grand Final


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