When we announced the 2019 DreamHack Open schedule back in December, we had planned around the CS:GO Major timeline of 2018. Unfortunately, with the recent announcement of the second CS:GO Major for 2019 falling directly on top of DreamHack Montreal, we have decided to move the stop to  DreamHack Sevilla at the end of the year.

“We didn’t want to just remove one stop from the circuit altogether so we’ve been working on finding a way to bring you another stop. It’s with a lot of excitement that we’re able to say that this December we’re coming to Sevilla!” – Robin Nymann, Project Manager

It’s a pity that Montreal will not be hosting a DreamHack Open. However, we are excited to host a DreamHack Open for the first time in Sevilla, our new event and which will allow us to keep growing the DreamHack brand within Spanish territory – Arturo Castello, Director DreamHack Spain

With us not being able to visit DreamHack Open Valencia this year, we are happy to be able to bring CS:GO to the Iberian community once more! So make sure to catch DreamHack Open Sevilla this December 13th – 15th. You can also already grab your tickets over at the DreamHack Sevilla website.


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