Panels & Workshops: Attend Them and Be Heard

Panels & Workshops: Attend Them and Be Heard


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Panels & Workshops: Attend Them and Be Heard

If you’re trying to find a way in to industry but don’t know anyone, this is a great chance to have your questions answered and meet the right people

Smosh Games speaking at the Panels & Workshops at DreamHack Austin 2018

If you’re just a fan of a game and want to nerd out with your buddies and the freakin’ cool company that made the game, then have at it. We’ve got panels just for that, but we also have quite a few talks dedicated to industry topics that take you into the nitty, gritty bits of gaming.

Can’t stress this point enough though: if you’re looking for a job but you don’t know anyone in the industry, come to a panel or workshop. If you’re already planning on being at the event, then don’t miss out on talking face-to-face with a company you like or listening to hiring success stories.

At worst, if you don’t make a connection with a company, there’s a good chance that someone else sitting in on the panel with you has a connection in the industry. Never give up if this is your passion, but also keep your senses on high alert for opportunities. You might not know who you’re sitting down next to.

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