Dallas Day Three Recap

It’s all come down to this. 32 teams, to 16, down to 8. Of those 8, only three teams are heading to the World Championships in a few weeks, which showcases how tight the field of Rocket League competitors is. The final day of the DreamHack Pro Circuit was an exciting one, full of surprises.

Quarter Finals

The first match of the day was a rematch of the RLCS Season 5 World Championships, which didn’t bode well for NRG. The analysts predicted the NRG win because they had only lost one match over the first two days of the DreamHack Pro Circuit in Dallas, but history repeated itself. Reigning DreamHack Pro Circuit Champions Dignitas won three games straight in overtime to move on to the Semi-Finals.

Next up was Cloud9 taking on Complexity. The World Champion Cloud9 squad was an intimidating opponent for Complexity, but they had faced similar challenges over the course of the weekend. Complexity had one of the hardest roads to get to the Top 8, having to play against all three of the top teams in Europe on Day Two in Renault Vitality, FC Barcelona, and PSG Esports. Even with their impressive shutout record against these teams, Complexity was unable to find a win against a dominant Cloud9 squad.

The third match featured TSM against Mousesports, and was the hardest pairing for the analysts to choose a winner. Both teams had impressive performances through the first two days of the Pro Circuit, and had similar records in RLCS Season 7. Mousesports came out with a strong start, going up 2-0 in the series. Some aggressive play got them in trouble as TSM began to capitalize on Mousesports’ playstyle, punishing their lack of defense. TSM was able to come back and complete the reverse sweep, moving on to the Semi-Finals.

The last Quarter-Final match ended up being the biggest upset of the entire tournament. FC Barcelona was undefeated through two days of Pro Circuit play, and hadn’t dropped a single game to any of their four previous opponents. Their Quarter-Final opponent, Evil Geniuses, were a recently relegated RLRS team who had a much tougher tournament, dropping to the lower bracket on both Day One and Day Two. But Evil Geniuses refused to be counted out, allowing FC Barcelona only 6 goals over four games, and only one game win in the series. Evil Geniuses eliminated FC Barcelona and moved on to face TSM in the Semi-Finals.

Semi Finals

The first Semi-Final match was a rematch of last year’s World Championship between Dignitas and Cloud9. Cloud9 played a solid defensive game, shutting down Dignitas’ powerhouse striker Yukeo through most of the series. Though Dignitas had an overwhelming presence in Game 3, it wasn’t enough to overpower Cloud9. They answered Dignitas’ 4 goal game with four unanswered goals of their own over two games to take the series 4-1 and move into the Finals.

The second spot in the Finals would go to the winner of TSM and Evil Geniuses. No one expected Evil Geniuses to make it this far in the tournament, but after their win against a previously undefeated FC Barcelona they couldn’t be counted out. TSM seemed prepared for them though, anticipating their aggressive play style and punishing it by taking long shots when no one was back on defense. EyeIgnite was also on fire in this series, scoring five goals in one game to help TSM win the series 4-1.

That set the stage for an exciting final of TSM against Cloud9, playing for the new DreamHack Pro Circuit trophy!


TSM taking on Cloud9 is a matchup many have seen before, at the ELEAGUE Cup finals in 2018, the last time TSM won a major as We Dem Girlz. The series looked like it was all Cloud9 in the first two games, but then TSM was able to come back, winning two in a row to tie the series and make it a Best of 3. They fought hard, but Cloud9 kept up continuous pressure through the next two games, winning the series 4-2 and becoming the DreamHack Pro Circuit Champions!

Thank you everyone for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed the show!


5 JUL – 7 JUL
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