Dallas Day Two Recap

Day Two of the DreamHack Pro Circuit in Dallas, where we took 16 teams and whittled them down to 8, was so unpredictable that by the end of the day the analysts were literally throwing away their notes! There was no such thing as an easy group, and with some upsets in Day One, we had some interesting matches much earlier in the tournament than anyone anticipated. Catch up on all the Rocket League action below to get ready for the playoffs today, where we crown a DreamHack Dallas winner.

Group A

Day Two started off with a grudge match between G2 and Rogue, as Kronovi was let go from the G2 roster ahead of this most recent RLCS season. Though the series went back and forth, G2 was victorious in Game 5, sending Kronovi and Rogue to the lower bracket.

One of the most surprising and intense matches of the day saw The Peeps, a newly promoted RLCS team, facing Cloud9, the defending World Champions. The Peeps had C9 on the ropes, up 2-1 in the series when C9 scored to force overtime in Game 4, winning that and Game 5 to knock The Peeps to the lower bracket where they were eventually eliminated by Rogue.

There were two underdog stories in Group A. First, Mousesports, a recently relegated team who is playing with a sub this weekend, managed to take down Vitality, the number one seed in the tournament on Day One. After losing the Winner’s Semi-Final today to Dignitas, they were able to beat Rogue 3-1 to move on to Day Three, when many thought they would be out of the tournament on Day One. Second, Evil Geniuses, another recently relegated team, managed to reverse sweep G2 to clinch their spot in the Top 8.

Group A finished the day with 5 out of 10 matches going to Game 5, leading to some unpredictable and intense Rocket League. Dignitas, Cloud9, Mousesports, and Evil Geniuses all made their way to Day Three.

Group B

Group B started with the most highly anticipated match of the tournament. Due to a loss on Day One, Vitality found themselves facing NRG in their first game of Day Two. This match pitted the best of Europe against the best of North America from RLCS Season 7, and was a match that many were hoping to see in the finals. NRG put on a dominant performance, sweeping Vitality 3-0 and only allowing one goal in the entire series.

NRG would go on to face TSM in the Winner’s Semi-Final, a team who narrowly avoided having to play in EU’s RLCS Season 7 Promotional Playoff. It looked like an easy path into Day Three for NRG, who had yet to drop a game and who were on a 27 match winning streak, but TSM came to play. After an unbelievable series, TSM was able to defeat NRG 3-2 and move through to Day Three.

The most dominant team overall in the tournament so far though is FC Barcelona. They have swept through Day One and Day Two undefeated with a 12-0 record. In their Winner’s Semi-Final match, they were able to beat Complexity, allowing them to score only one goal.

Complexity’s loss to FC Barcelona put them in the lower bracket where they faced off against a struggling Vitality. Complexity was able to repeat the shutout performance they had earlier in the day against PSG, sweeping Vitality 3-0 and allowing no goals at all.

Finally, we ended the day with NRG taking on ICON, the last Oceania team left standing. It was a close series, but NRG managed to come out on top and solidify their spot in the playoffs. TSM, FC Barcelona, Complexity, and NRG all move to Day Three from Group B.


FC Barcelona are the team to watch, as they haven’t dropped a game yet in Dallas. There is a Season 5 World Championship rematch that will kick off the day, featuring NRG vs Dignitas. Complexity have been able to hold some of the best RLCS teams to no goals through an entire series, so don’t count them out against Cloud9.

If you missed any of the action, you can find the VODs from both the A Stream and the B Stream. Day Three kicks off today an hour earlier at 11:00AM CDT, with all matches being played on Twitch. Don’t miss it! For the full bracket, click here.


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