Montreal Recap

The final Pro Circuit stop of the year took place at DreamHack Montreal this past weekend. Only one month away from the start of RLCS Season 8, many teams were testing out new lineups, new organizations, and new coaches in order to prepare.

NRG was at the top of everyone’s list as a potential winner of DreamHack Montreal, having won the Rocket League Summit tournament a few weeks prior. The addition of Turbopolsa to the lineup seemed to be working for the team after the departure of Fireburner, who retired from playing in Valencia. He would return however, as the coach of Cloud9. Randy “Gibbs” Gibbons had a few words for him about his return.

Other teams to watch included DreamHack Valencia Champions Reciprocity, who were runners up at Rocket League Summit, as well as G2 who finished second to Vitality in RLCS Season 7 but had yet to make the Top 4 at any of the DreamHack Pro Circuit events.

DreamHack Montreal was also an important event because it had the most regions represented of any major outside of the RLCS seasonal finals. Overall, both the Oceania and South American regions had some success, and we look forward to seeing more of what these regions can do as they gain international tournament experience!


There were two big underdog stories this past weekend, first being the GC Aura squad made up of Extra, Oscillion, and Tigreee. They came into the tournament seeded 24th overall, but went undefeated through the first two days of competition, defeating Mousesports, TSM (twice), and Complexity, before falling to NRG in the Quarterfinals.

The second underdog story of the weekend was that of The Peeps, which included Gyro, Mist, and Retals. The Peeps made their way into RLCS at the end of Season 7 through the Promotional tournament, and were eager to prove themselves on the international stage.


Over the course of the weekend, 67 streamed matches went to overtime for a total of 2 hours, 23 minutes and 20 seconds. That stat doesn’t account for zero second goals (or goals close to going in that didn’t, like this one from the Mouseports vs Peeps quarterfinal game).

There were a lot of intense games: like the match between the RLCS Season 7 Champions Vitality and defending DreamHack Champions Cloud9 in the quarterfinals, North American rivals NRG and G2 going to Game 7 in the semifinals, and every game involving The Peeps.

The Peeps managed to knock out Mousesports, who had just solidified their lineup, org, and coach, and looked like they could make a serious run at the Finals. After that, they came up against the powerhouse that is Vitality. In both those series, the analysts believed The Peeps to be highly unfavored, but each time they were proven wrong. The Peeps continued their Cinderella story run all the way to the Finals, where they faced G2.

G2 also had a hard run on Day 3, having to go through Dignitas and NRG to make it to the finals. In the semifinals, they were down 1-3 to NRG, but won three in a row including a scoreless Game 7 that went to over 4 minutes of overtime before G2 managed to close it out. G2 were many analysts’ pick to win the whole tournament throughout Days 1 and 2, and with NRG behind them and only the 11th seed Peeps team in the way, they seemed poised to do just that.

Battle for Grand champion

The finals of DreamHack Montreal were the first international major in Rocket League history to feature two teams from North America. After losing the first game, The Peeps won three games in a row, threatening to eliminate G2. The Peeps had the crowd behind them, but G2 fought back and forced Game 7, much as they had in the semi-finals against NRG.

After being on championship point for two games but being unable to close it out, The Peeps seemed to regain their composure as the pressure of do or die Game 7 loomed. G2 seemed unable to break through, and started letting in goals that even The Peeps couldn’t believe went in the net.

After a turbulent weekend full of ups and downs, The Peeps became the fourth and final DreamHack Pro Circuit champions of 2019! Thank you everyone for watching and supporting us throughout the year.

Photo Credit: Stephanie ''Vexanie'' Lindgren


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