Mixer Presents the Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament at HRX!

Mixer Presents the Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament at HRX!


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Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament presented by Mixer will be at at HRX!

If you’re attending Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta, here is your chance to prove yourself worthy of the ultimate Crowne Royale. Mixer is hosting the Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament with a $25,000 prize pool. This open tournament allows all attendees to queue up and try to become the Founder’s Champion. Read on for tournament structure and the rules.

Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament Ruleset & Scoring

Qualifier matches will run all day on Friday and Saturday. The top two teams from each match will qualify for the Grand Finals on Sunday. There will be 80 stations where duo teams can compete to rule the Realm. You can sign up with a friend, or you can find a duo partner in the fill-in lines for solo attendees.

Scoring is determined by placement and how many eliminations a duo team makes in a match.

  • Placement is a positive point value that caps at 20 points (Example: Finishing a match in  5th place = 5 points)
  • Each elimination is worth -2 points
  • A duo team’s final score is determined by subtracting eliminations from placement (Placement – eliminations = final score)

After a team qualifies for the finals, they can no longer participate in the qualifier games. Once we reach 20 qualified teams for each day, the qualifying matches will end and the stations will be used for open play.

Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament Grand Finals

Curious to know which duo teams will be chickens or champions? Join us for the Realm Royale Founder’s Tournament Grand Finals broadcast at 11am on Sunday, November 18. Displayed on the Paladins main stage screen, the 40 duo teams who placed during the qualifiers will compete against each other in five rounds of gameplay. The tournament will be streamed on the Realm Royale Mixer channel, and all of the final games will follow the same ruleset as the qualifiers.

In each of the five rounds, the duo team with the lowest score will win $1,000 to split. The team with the lowest overall score at the end of five rounds will receive the ultimate Crowne Royale and $20,000 to split. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to go pro in the Realm, here is your chance.

Tickets to Hi-Rez Expo at DreamHack Atlanta are available for purchase at www.tixr.com/groups/dreamhack/events/dreamhack-atlanta-2019-12930. We hope to see you there!

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