Rocket League Pro Circuit at DreamHack Montreal 2019


The DreamHack Pro Circuit – featuring four stops for 2019. With a prize pool of $100,000 per stop, DreamHack Pro Circuit is sure to attract the best teams in the world, alongside many new challengers, as each stop also features an open bracket

DreamHack has a history of producing top-tier Rocket League tournaments, including the DreamHack Atlanta Rocket League Championship in 2017 where Muffin Men secured an upset with their first LAN victory before joining Cloud9. For 2019, DreamHack is doubling down on its commitment to Rocket League, as Rocket League will become one of the primary esports DreamHack is hosting tournaments in.


Having already hosted three international Rocket League tournaments through 2017 and 2018 we’ve seen first hand both the size and passion of the Rocket League audience,” said Michael Van Driel, Chief Product Officer at DreamHack AB. “The launch of the DreamHack Pro Circuit represents our commitment to Rocket League and we are looking forward to a big year where we can continue to innovate and create four of the most compelling Rocket League championships to date.


Over the past two years we have developed a strong relationship with our partners at DreamHack, and are excited to build upon that success to bring four new live championship events to the Rocket League Esports ecosystem with the introduction of the DreamHack Pro Circuit,” said Josh Watson, Esports Operations Manager, Psyonix. “The DreamHack team has continuously demonstrated that they share Psyonix’s commitment to providing top-tier products and rewarding competitive environments, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work together to make Rocket League a huge success at DreamHack in 2019!


Each stop will feature a $100,000 prize pool, a minimum of slots for 32 teams to compete, and a combination of online qualifiers, direct invitations, and an onsite open bracket. More information will be released in the coming weeks as well as the additional stops.


DreamHack Pro Circuit 2019 Schedule

DreamHack Leipzig – February 15 – 17
DreamHack Dallas – May 31 – June 2
DreamHack Valencia – July 4 – 6
DreamHack Montreal – September 6 – 8

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