NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden

Sacrilege? Not At All, This is Gamer Name Baptism

Can’t bring yourself to make the legal name change? Then baptize yourself with your screen name

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The Baptizer

Embrace ritual, not a particular religion, at DreamHack Winter by being baptized as a new gamer with your screen name. The spiritual experience will be performed by someone who I’m pretty sure is a Sith Lord, so it’s definitely official… sort of.

This year, Lenovo offers gamers the possibility to live their online identity by giving you a chance to baptize yourself with your nickname, for real. Apart from having your gaming nickname legally and permanently changed so you can have awkward conversations with your parents, this is the closest you’ll get to becoming your online self IRL.

The naming ceremony includes having “Holy Cooling Server Water” poured onto your forehead by gaming god HeatoN. Want to do it? Then bring your cloaks and pagan spell books and your fully decked-out PC to game on once the ritual is complete.

When: December 1 @ 16:00
Where: Lenovos Monter

Read up about the ceremony at