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Save the Children: Playing Games for Charity

At DreamHack Atlanta there are streamers who will be volunteering their time and fundraise for Save the Children in a dedicated Save the Children Station from the DreamHack CLX Stream Studio. Don’t miss the chance to meet them live at DreamHack Atlanta. You can support them in their quest to reach and help the most vulnerable & marginalized children in our world, by tuning into their stream or donating to Save the Children via their personal fundraising-campaigns on 

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Save the Children booth in the Expo at DreamHack


I’m Dee, or BBXH. I’ve been a gamer since childhood. In 2016, I decided to expand my reach and combine my love for people and gaming by becoming a full-time streamer on Twitch. Hearthstone and Clash Royale are my primary games of choice. In addition to streaming I am an eSports host and caster. Save The Children holds a special place in my heart as a leading platform to help children facing hardships all over the world. I’ve studied the ripple effects economy & diseases have on children. I want to do all I can to lend a helping hand.


I am a singer and musician based in Florida who performs a wide variety of covers to my audience. My stream frequently features members of the community showcasting content such as educational talks and taking part in book discussions. In my downtime, I enjoy playing several competitive multiplayer games such as StarCraft II and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


My name is Amador Molina, but most know me by Vanime Sole. For the past 6 years I’ve spent my time designing Vans shoes with Anime or Video game related designs using Copic markers. In 2015 I wrote the official tutorial for Imagination International, explaining how to design shoes with Copic. Since then I’ve dedicated my Twitch streams to teaching others how to use their products. My end goal is not to sell my work for personal gain but to help raise as much money as possible for children in need. I believe Save the Children is the best step to achieving just that.


I speedrun various retro and old school games, breathing life into once greatly enjoyed and revered titles while making bad jokes and in general have fun with my awesome community. I feel anyone in a position to stream, make videos and reach out to the public at large has an opportunity to change the world for the better. We have a gift we can give to brighten peoples day and make people smile and that’s what I aim to do. Discord: Xombiepunk#7869


Save the Children is an amazing cause and I am honored to be able to participate. Kids should be able to be kids without worry of where their next meal might come from. Kids should be able to be kids without worry of if they’ll be able to sleep through the night. Please join me in helping to support this cause!


I am an RPG streamer, content creator, speedrunner and lover of all things sci-fi. While my passion is discovering games I missed in my lifetime, I love to play games that I remember as a kid (even if I forget half the plotline to get to the end). I entertain with love and passion on my streams and try to be as transparent with my viewers as I can.

I’ve always been supportive of those who need help. Some illnesses have been thrust upon people beyond their control and I do whatever I can to let those live their life to the fullest. On top of that, I recently found out I’m going to be an uncle and I believe all children deserve the same kind of childhood, regardless of where they came from. Talk with me on Discord.


Growing up, videogames played a huge part in my life both casually and competitively. My first professional tournament played was at DreamHack Summer 2005, competing in Dance Dance Revolution!
13 years later, I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to work together with DreamHack and Save the Children on such a wonderful initiative, helping and reaching the most vulnerable and marginalized children in our world.