The very first edition of DreamHack Showdown in Valencia was a grand success! With overwhelming support of the teams, players, scene and partners it was possible to create something we hold dear to us.

Coming into DreamHack Showdown were 8 of the best women Counter-Strike teams of the world. Beşiktaş, Dignitas, CLG Red and Copenhagen Flames, the latter having just been picked up by their organisation, were the four teams seen as favourites. Especially Beşiktaş, a team that is known to be comprised of some of the most renowned players like zAAz and Juliano were tipped as favourites.

Group Stage

The groups were divided into two groups of four. This is the same format we use for DreamHack Open events so the winner of the group qualifies directly for the semi-final.

In group A we had Dignitas, Copenhagen Flames, Orange.Sphynx and Demise Fe. Dignitas faced Orange.Sphynx in the opener of the tournament and completely dominated with a score of 16-2. Where Orange looked lost it was Dignitas who were unfazed and able to close out the game ridiculously fast.

Copenhagen Flames faced Demise Fe and were the favourites in their match. However, it was Demise who, with their international squad, were able to take the game 16-12. They played better as a team and were able to shutdown Flames’ ‘vic’ who gathered 32 kills throughout the game despite losing.

The winners’ match of Group A was clearly a game where Dignitas were the favourites. Demise went into overtime versus their opponents and were able to emerge victorious after several nerve-wrecking rounds. They had once again upset the favourites and claimed their spot in the semi-finals!

In group B it was Beşiktaş who made a great run through the bracket. In their opener they faced 7PM Fe, a team from the Asian region with a strong player in the form of Hazel. They unfortunately got steamrolled by Beşiktaş with an especially great performance for Petra, who ended up with 25 kills and a mere 4 deaths.

CLG Red faced off against some of their former teammates who had united under the banner of FOREVER 21 including female CS legends MissHarvey and Benita, and quite comfortably won the game 16-9. Proceeding to the winners’ match, Beşiktaş didn’t let their foot off the gas. They claimed their semi-final spot and earned a day off, while CLG Red, were tasked with winning their decider match to reach play-offs.

elimination matches

Copenhagen Flames battled against Orange.Sphynx and they handed them defeat with big scorelines, 16-6 and 16-4. Individual performances proved to be key for the Flames and Orange didn’t seem to have any answer to it. The Flames eventually made their way to the decider match in which they would face Dignitas.

FOREVER 21 followed the footsteps of the Flames and defeated 7PM Fe with ease. Benita performed very well and racked up 47 kills in the series. With their win against 7PM they had claimed another shot against their former teammates of CLG Red.

The final between EU and NA

Both Beşiktaş and CLG Red teams had cruised through the tournament with relative ease. The Grand Final however was a great game.

The first map quite easily went the way of Beşiktaş: they won on CLG Red’s map who gambled on playing Vertigo. The second map was Mirage and CLG Red seemed far more comfortable, pushing it to a third map.

Inferno was the map to decide it all. A great performance from zAAz was the last push they needed and it was truly the veterans of Beşiktaş who were the deciding factor. Beşiktaş secured themselves the prize of $50,000, plus a ticket to DreamHack Open Rotterdam.

We will see them again in October where they join seven other teams and battle it out in The Netherlands.


catch them LIVE in Rotterdam

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