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Career or hobby, we’ve got tons of ways to participate at DreamHack for both our fellow industry members and gaming fans. If you’re selected for something, you’ll have a blast showing everyone your true colors. And you’re welcome to sign up for more than one activity, in fact we encourage it!

Note that the deadline to enter most (not all) activities is Friday, April 12th, 2019.

Featured Sign-ups

Indie Playground

For Who: Indie Game Developers
For What: A Free 10×10 Booth in Our Expo


For Who: Filmmakers
For What: Screening at Our Festival

Stream Studio

For Who: Streamers
For What: Stream LiveĀ at Our Fest

Panels & Workshops

For Who: Industry Vets
For What: Talks in Front of Our Fans

More Ways to Participate at #DHDAL19

Cosplay Championship

Speedrunning Marathons

Artist Alley

Art Gallery

Game Pitch Championship

Student Game Showcase

PC Freeplay Library

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Discounted Wave #1 tickets are only available until April 15, 2019.

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