Retro Zone – Powered by Retrospelsmässan


Bet they weren’t expecting this when they coined the term “blast from the past”! We are collaborating with Sweden’s largest retro game festival, Retrospelsmässan, to bring you a free play area with even more games than ever. Flipper, arcade, consoles, and much more! Beat your friends in the retro games you love and experience modern classics like Ultra Street Fighter IV on the original arcade hardware.

All games will be FREE TO PLAY, no need to “insert coin”!

Location: Hall C


  • A ton of fighting games, for example: Ultra Street Fighter IV – Arcade
  • 10+ Arcade games
  • Retro consoles: Ranging from the 70s to the millennia!
  • Flipper games
  • Competitions and tournaments in retro games
  • DreamHack Market and retro game shops
  • And more…!

Retrospelsmässan is an annual event in Gothenburg, Sweden that started in 2010. The basis of this event is for people to try out as many retro games as possible, dating all the way back from the 70s. Besides featuring a huge marketplace where people can purchase retrogames, many partners show up to organize competitions, art, cosplay, and other presentations.

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