the dreamies awards show

Ready to complete your E.G.O.T. (AKA, your Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) trophy collection? Now you can finally earn a D.E.G.O.T. with an award from The Dreamies! Corniness aside, we’ve been wanting to start an awards show for some time now, but one with a DreamHack edge. Now that we’re launching our newest festival—in Anaheim, California—we thought this would be the perfect time to unveil our show.

So what makes ours different? We made categories that gamers will understand. It’s great to reward impressive visuals or best design, but everyone does that and, to be honest, those aren’t the only reasons we play games. It’s not just about the graphics or mechanics, it’s about what made us laugh so hard we fell on the floor. Or the games that made us yell at the screen and smash our $100 keyboard.

There’s something here for everyone in our categories (we don’t leave out the thriller games or the games that were über cute). So click the button below to check out the categories and submit your nominations!

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