Nov 18 – Nov 20
Atlanta, GA


Cosplay at DreamHack Atlanta

Show us what you can create and join your fellow crafters! Cosplay is an art form full of passion and dedication, and we want to showcase all your hard work. Sign up to be a judge,  enter the $2500 cosplay competition, and join our panel sessions!

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We know day one registration can sometimes have a bit of a line, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do in a cosplay. Our crew will be on the lookout for attendees actively in cosplay and will be there to help you skip the line. Yes, your handler can jump the line with you.

Take the wig off, grab a snack, and relax in our cosplay lounge – exclusive to cosplayers and their handlers. You’re welcome to hang out, take advantage of our dressing rooms, and get some peace from the bustle of a con during the event. Plus, you’ll have access to various repair supplies and a basic photography setup.

Sign up to be a part of our Cosplay focused panel sessions at DreamHack Atlanta or submit your own ideas!

We have tape, we have paint, we have glue guns galore, and more! The cosplay repair station is an ever-growing and changing repair kit that we add to every event, providing a quick and easy way to touch up your cosplay and repair unforeseen complications on the go! Stop by the cosplay lounge any time during main convention hours and our staff will do their best to help.

Lights, camera, action! Sort of. As fun as convention photos and the random attendee photobombs are – we know that sometimes, you want something a little cleaner to remember the five hours you spent body painting the morning before you came into our event. With this in mind, we will have a studio setup available in the cosplay lounge – with a solid backdrop and some softbox lights to help you capture a picture that does your work justice. Additionally, all competitors will have the opportunity for a free mini shoot of 2-3 poses with a professional cosplay photographer during their pre-judging time slot!

We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and have taken extra time to train our volunteers and security personnel to make sure you have a safe and fun convention experience. Cosplay is not consent and we support a see something, say something policy. Please feel free to report any issues at any time to our staff, crew, and/or security.

Cosplay props will be subject to a security check and may be zip-tied to mark that the prop is safe and has been checked. Edged weapons, blunt force weapons, functioning projectile weapons (guns, bows, airsoft, pellet/bb, blow gun etc) are NOT allowed. Admission is subject to security’s approval, however we will aim to have cosplay knowledgeable volunteers and staff there to assist if there are any questions.

Welcome to the Cosplay Corner, an area in our expo dedicated to everything Cosplay! Whether you are a Pro Cosplayer, beginner, or just love watching your favorite characters come to life, this is your corner. Here you will be able to meet your favorite Cosplayer, take incredible photos, start new friendships, help others and learn a little more about this lifestyle that we all love so much. Come join us for all the fun, and don’t forget that Cosplay is for everyone.


DreamHack welcomes all signed-up cosplayers to enjoy our festival 24/7; from Friday 18th, 10:00 am, until Sunday 20th 7 pm, when the festival closes. To be eligible for a free Cosplay Pass you have to participate in the Cosplay Competition.


DreamHack welcomes all cosplayers from all fandoms.
Gaming, anime, books, graphic novels, etc – cosplay is for everyone!



Placement in the top three of any category comes with 2x tickets to a future DreamHack event of your choosing (travel not included).


1st - $700
2nd - $500
3rd - $300


1st - $400
2nd - $200
3rd - $100


1st - $150
2nd - $100
3rd - $50

If you have not competed before, you may enter any tier you would like, judges reserve the right to move you to a different tier based on your experience and skill. If you are a seasoned competitor, you must enter the tier that represents your previous experience.

  • Contestants must be over 18 to compete – cosplayers under 18 are welcome to walk in the stage show, but are not eligible to compete at this time
  • Contestants must be at both pre-judging and the stage show to be eligible to win
  • All cosplays will be judged based on the rubric shown below
  • A valid convention badge is required to compete
  • Content should not go beyond PG-13, as the con is family-friendly: Offensive language of any kind is not allowed—no racial or sexual epithets; no profanity, etc. No excessive violence. No sexual activity or contact—real or implied.
  • All costumes must be at least 60% self crafted. (Assistance from a friend is fine, but commissions and purchased pieces must be 40% or less of the costume). Altering/thrifting/updating purchased pieces is allowed as long as the changes are significant (at the judges discretion)
  • Judges reserve the right to change your competition tier at any point
  • Costumes MAY NOT have won a competition previous to Friday, November 18, 2022
  • “Dabbing”, drug references, etc are not allowed.
  • All costumes must be self-contained, including no fire, flame, smoke, fog, dry ice, wind machines, lasers, pressurized gasses or liquids, messy substances—wet, dry, or oily, including glitter, flower petals, etc in the green room or on stage.
  • No jumping on or off stage—please use the officially designated stage entrances and exits.
  • No Stage fighting (one foot must remain on the stage at all times and any mock fighting must be done at a distance and at half speed – no physical contact)
  • Contestants may not use stage time to make political, religious, insulting, or other demonstrations not related to their entry.
  • Sportsmanship is important. Any bullying will not be tolerated and result in disqualification and/or removal from the festival.






Craftsmanship (40 / 30 / 20)

Overall cosplay execution and creativity. 

Clean stitching, use of highlighting and shadows, clean wig styling, smooth armor edges, finishing techniques etc. 

Most details are clean and finished, one technique/element less polished. 

Details are present, but finishing touches are missing. Seams may be unfinished, rough armor edges, no shadows/highlights etc

Minimal details, techniques are mostly poorly executed, cosplay not entirely finished

No details, techniques are poorly executed, cosplay is unfinished

Technical Difficulty (40 / 30 / 20)

Level of complexity of the cosplay selected. Variety of techniques used. Purchased items only count against you if no transformation has been done.

Cosplay uses 3 or more main materials, 3 or more techniques used AND less than 10% purchased.  

Cosplay uses 2-3 main materials, and 2-3 different techniques AND less than 20% purchased. 

Cosplay uses 1-2 materials and 1-2 different techniques OR 30-40% purchased. 

Cosplay sticks to a couple basic techniques OR 40 – 50% purchased. 

Cosplay relies on a single technique OR more than 50% is purchased. 

Accuracy (10 / 10 / 10)

How closely does the cosplay represent the source? This can be screen accuracy or creative embellishment/adaptation. 

Accurate base cosplay, all relevant props, wigs, contacts etc included.

Accurate base cosplay. Missing one important element (prop, wig styling, texture/color, body paint, detailing)

Mostly accurate. Missing 2-3 important details such as a major prop, patterns, accurate body paint

Minimal resemblance to the character, maybe has correct colors or styling but is missing major design elements

Minimal resemblance to character and/or spirit of the character. 

Character Embodiment (5 / 10 / 20)

Spirit of the character, knowledge and passion 

Cosplayer knows character backstory and presence, bonus for knowing key phrases.


Cosplayer has a general idea of the character, but no deep knowledge. 


Cosplayer does not know much about the character outside of the general design.  

Stage Presence (5 /10 / 10)

Confidence, presence, “star power” associated with the character and cosplay

Cosplayer is confident and can act out different character poses/voice lines. Has good energy. 

Cosplayer is confident with poses ready.

Cosplayer knows a few poses or voice lines, but is shy with them. 

Cosplayer has minimal stage presence, maybe has a pose or voice line ready

Cosplayer had minimal stage presence

The judges have the right to change contestants’ tiers at any point based on contestant experience and cosplay presented. Numbers in parentheses by each category represent the percentage of each category that goes towards contestants’ final scores for each tier. For example, craftsmanship will be 40% for the expert tier, 30% artisan, and 20% of the novice score.


Judges will be announced closer to the event! Want to be considered for a judging position? Submit your interest through this form. Previous judges include: YayaHan, R1ddle, Kinpatsu, SparkleStache, ArmoredHearts, VolpinProps and more!

Previous cosplays at DreamHack

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AKrCos is a North Florida Cosplayer that began cosplaying in 2014 and creates costumes and makeup looks based on characters from all forms of media including anime, cinema, comic books, and video games. She is proficient in makeup, sewing, wig styling, armor, and Social Media Marketing. She has been making guest appearances at events for 7 years now. Before cosplay, she majored in Nuclear pharmacy and worked for an international modeling agency. Currently, she works as a full-time Social Media Influencer.

Atlanta Cosplayers

Atlanta Cosplayers is a feature page dedicated to sharing local Atlanta cosplayers and those who attend Atlanta conventions. Founded in 2016, Atlanta Cosplayers is run by cosplayers and photographers who have a shared goal of bringing their niche community together and making the cosplay and cosplay photography scene a better place. They also support the local community by sharing information and creating a virtual space for cosplayers to build interpersonal relationships

Meet Atlanta Cosplayers at the Cosplay Corner, make new friends and learn more about the Atlanta Cosplay Scene


Cree Michelle Rogers aka Brown.Suga.Outlaw is an Award Winning Cosplaying Actress and reporter for Comic Book, who has built her platform on the idea of inclusion and collaboration. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Times Magazine, The Washington Post, and Entertainment Weekly. With the content that she creates, her goal is to provide representation for young nerds of color to embrace themselves and not feel as though they have to be in a box of what it means to be their ethnicity

Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta

Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta is a dedicated group of costumed-character performers. We bring characters from popular children’s media to life for the purpose of volunteering for children’s hospitals, charity organizations & more.


Yeliz is a cosplay artist from Melbourne, Australia. She has been creating costumes since 2014 based on video games, anime series, movies and original designs. Yeliz is extremely passionate about costume making; with a focus on video game constructions. Yeliz enjoys working with people who challenge and give her an opportunity to grow as an artist. Doing things outside of what she normally does is a great way to explore bigger and better things. Helping to teach people, inspiring other artists, being inspired herself, getting involved and discovering new depths of her creativity is what Yeliz values most about cosplay. Traveling abroad and having the opportunity to explore new cultures and places is one of the best highlights to what she does.

Meet Yeliz at the Cosplay Corner!


Liz AKA Lemon is a cosplayer and influencer from North Florida. She creates content from popular anime, video games, and manga series. She is proficient in sewing, prop making, and wig styling. Before starting her journey in cosplay she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s degree in English.


Hello my name is Nikko I am an LGBTQ+ Puerto Rican cosplay model and content creator and have been cosplaying for 7 plus years. Born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico I am bilingual and currently reside in Florida.  I love to cosplay from video games and anime alike.  I specialize in cosplay makeup and wig styling while also enjoying part of the craft that comes with prop creating. Along with my partner, we create a good part of our cosplays and work as our own photographers on the majority of our work. I worked with app developers such as anime amino and TikTok creator fund as well as game apps such as Murasaki7 and Dorian as a content creator and influencer and hope to extend that list in the near future.

Meet Nikkosplay at the Cosplay Corner!


Pumpkin has been cosplaying since 2011 and specializes in sewing and styling wigs. She creates cosplays based on some of her favorite video games like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and Skyrim.

We welcome her here at Dreamhack as one of our Cosplay Contest Judges.

Sarah Spaceman

Sarah Spaceman is a cosplay crafter with a passion for sewing, beading, and sparkle. She believes that anyone can learn how to make cosplay, and with her budding Youtube Channel, she shows how she uses cosplay to learn. Winner of the 2018 Momocon Overall Masters Cosplay Competition Award and Holmat 2019 Best in Show. She will be one of our Amazing Cosplay Contest Judges.


Tygarlily started cosplaying in 2014 in the PNW. She combines her passion in video gaming with cosplay building, bringing our favorite characters to life. Now an Atlanta local, Tygarlily has become a voice for gamers and cosplayers everywhere. Tygarlily’s most notable cosplays are Ana from Atlanta Reign Overwatch League, Sylvanas from World of Warcraft, and Legatus from New World 

Tigarlily will be building a cosplay from start to finish! Come see the cosplay magic unfolding every day from 10 am – 6 pm in the Creator Hub, only at Dreamhack Atlanta.