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October 4-6, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia

Dream Big

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Join us at the festival, where your favorite influencers, celebrities, and content creators will harness the power of gaming for a noble cause.

The connection is you.

Dream Big is DreamHack’s charitable initiative that brings gamers together supporting diverse communities in the expansion quest of inclusion, diversity and equity. Come play with us and Game for a good Cause.

When purchasing your tickets use the code “DREAMBIG” get 15% discount, and part of the proceeds of the sales under the code usage will be donated and equally distributed between all charities in our Charity Corner!

Dream Big Charity Giveaway

Win prizes all weekend long while having fun helping causes that matter. Donate through our Donor Drive or swing by and Donate at the LANFest booth! All Donations will be equally divided between all participating charities.

$5 Donation

1 Entry

$10 Donation

3 Entries

$20 Donation

7 Entries

$35 Donation

13 Entries

$50 Donation

20 Entries

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We’re partnering up with Toys for Tots during DreamHack Atlanta! Make sure you bring toys with you so you can drop them off at the donation bins throughout the festival. Bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s disadvantaged children!

Charity Corner

LANFest and DreamHack join forces to bring a corner of joy, kindness, and warm feelings to you. Come have fun, win prizes, and play against your favorite creators all while raising money for our amazing charities.

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Video Games Club USA started as a small initiative in 2014, led by a dedicated teacher and three students. It swiftly evolved into a transformative journey for educators. By embracing and empowering a student population often overlooked by society, the Career Magnet School Video Game Club (VGC) emerged as a force for fostering positive social-emotional growth through gaming. At its core, it’s about ensuring no one ever eats lunch alone.

DreamHackAtlanta charity 1000dreams BG

1000 Dreams Fund

1000 Dreams Fund is a guiding light for young women in need, dedicated to fueling their aspirations with essential resources, financial aid, and mentorship. Our mission is crystal clear: dismantle educational barriers, granting every young woman, especially those in challenging circumstances, the power to unlock her limitless potential. With steadfast dedication, we invest in the prospects of high school, college, and graduate-level women, ensuring they have the backing required to excel academically and professionally. 

About 1000 Dreams Fund
DreamHackAtlanta charity Towriteonherarms

Two Write Love On Her Arms

To Write Love On Her Arms is guided by a profound set of beliefs that steer our mission. We champion the inherent worthiness of every individual, recognizing their capacity to both give and receive love, and deserving of acceptance and compassion. Understanding the transformative power of human connection, we foster a sense of belonging and support, acknowledging that people thrive when they are linked with others. Moreover, we firmly believe that each person’s story holds profound significance, offering avenues for growth, resilience, and connection

About Two Write Love On Her Arms
DreamHackAtlanta charity Ablegamers BG


AbleGamers is a force for change, tackling the isolation faced by people with disabilities. We harness the power of play to foster meaningful connections that transcend physical limitations and geographic boundaries. Over fifteen years, we’ve pioneered accessibility conversations, expanding our reach and impact. 

About Ablegamers
DreamHackAtlanta charity GaurdiansMH BG

Guardian Mental Health

Guardians Mental Health is a testament to the transformative power of gaming communities. Born from a shared love of Destiny the Game, our founding members were inspired by the positive impact and camaraderie within the gaming world. Starting as the Saint-14 Project, we initially raised funds for mental health awareness in gaming. 

About Guardian Mental Health
DreamHackAtlanta charity GoldStarGamers BG

Gold Star Gamers

Gold Star Gamers is a beacon of support for kids who have experienced the profound loss of a military parent. For these resilient young souls, gaming isn’t just a hobby – it’s a powerful tool for coping with grief. Through tailored programs like Mentorship, Training Camps, Tournaments & Events, we create a space where they can connect, heal, and grow. 

About Gold Star Gamers
DreamHackAtlanta charity LANFEST white


LANFest is built upon an incredible, diverse and inclusive community that positively impacts all surrounding it. Volunteers are the driving force that ensures LANFest reaches their mission. In 2022, the HQ team organized, produced or worked 145 partnered events. Volunteers committed more than 84,000 hours running chapter events and promoting LANFests mission of, “Building healthy communities through gaming!