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At DreamHack, we love to celebrate all parts of gaming. Part of that is discovering new amazing games and celebrating the creative work that pushes the industry forward. Check out our Indie Playground and get ready to have fun!

DreamHack Select

Indie Playground

DreamHack Select and Siege Indie Playground come together to showcase the best of Indie Games in Atlanta. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover new worlds, get to know some amazing devs, and test awesome games.

Esophaguys DreamHackAtlanta Indies DreamHackSelect
Esophaguys Team

Game: Esophaguys

Esophaguys Trailer

Esophaguys is a silly party platformer where you play as old folks with elongating necks. Stretch your necks together to find your lost kin and compete against each other for long-necked glory!

About Esophaguys Team
Peglin Trailer

Peglin is a Pachinko Roguelike – Fight enemies by collecting special orbs and popping pegs to deal damage. Acquire special relics that radically change the game and ensure no two runs are the same. Aim carefully to survive in this unique turn-based RPG!

About Red Nexus Games
WhiteLeaf DreamHackAtlanta Indies DreamHackSelect
White Leaf

Game: Stellar Watch

Stellar Watch Trailer

Stellar Watch is a space tower defense where you strategically maneuver tower formations to protect against unique enemy paths in each playthrough.

About White Leaf
HermitandPig DreamHackAtlanta Indies DreamHackSelect
Heavy Lunch Studio

Game: Hermit and Pig

Hermit and Pig Trailer

Hermit and Pig is a turn-based, adventure RPG about a reclusive hermit and his truffle-hunting pig. These unlikely heroes must explore, forage, fight, and overcome unfortunate personal shortcomings to solve the mystery of a sinister corporate plot.

About Heavy Lunch Studio
ZoopTEK DreamHackAtlanta Indies DreamHackSelect

Game: NO RELOADING: Survival Trials

NO RELOADING: Survival Trials Trailer

Infinite destruction in infinite combinations! NO RELOADING: Survival Trials is a third-person rogue-lite style shooter taking inspiration from classics like Max Payne. Slay simulants, earn upgrades, and look cool while doing it!

About ZoopTEK
ButtonFactory DreamHackAtlanta Indies DreamHackSelect
Button Factory Games

Game:The Edge of Allegoria

The Edge of Allegoria Trailer

Get ready to travel far and wide, taking on creatures of all shapes and sizes in classic turn-based fashion, while discovering the secrets and adventures that Allegoria has in store.

Harvest the body parts of your adversaries for financial gain and personal satisfaction, level up to strike down even greater foes, and arm yourself with more weapons and equipment than any sane person could be reasonably expected to carry on their person at any given time.

About Button Factory Games
siege logo

Siege Indie Playground

Join the SIEGE2023 Indie Playground at DreamHack December 15-17! We are excited to launch our 2023 showcase and end with our awards ceremony December 17. All exhibitors are automatically entered into our SIEGE Silver Excellence in Indie Game Development awards, checkout invited Indies below:

NR UTD Logo DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: NR, utd.

Game: Elemensional Rift

Elemensional Rift is a clash of the elements rooted at a long standing family rivalry of demigods known as the Elemensional siblings! Attack with brute force, torment with ailments, bind by sapping their elemental energy, destroy the environment, and whatever else it takes to defeat your foes.  Only one will remain still standing on top victoriously.

About NR, utd.
Chew Crew Fruit 66 logo DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Chew Crew

Game: Fruit 66

Fruit 66 is a fresh new blend of cooking-and-driving chaos! Take on bite-sized, thrilling levels in this wacky and charming campaign as you concoct and deliver beverages while swerving through traffic at breakneck speeds!

About Chew Crew
VerticalShift DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Corrupted Media Productions

Grenade Junky / Vertical Shift

Grenade Junky brings to VR a explosive platform boomer shooter with a need to fight aliens, and destroy destructive environments.

Vertical Shift captures competitors in a grapple hook freeze tag game in the immersive VR game.

About Corrupted Media Productions
Finite Reflection Logo DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Finite Reflection Studios

Game: Void Sols

Dark Souls meets Geometry Wars in this top-down action RPG. Neon shapes inhabit a dark and grungy world, all fighting for survival. Can you overcome the tense combat, the unrelenting enemies, and brutal bosses?

About Finite Reflection Studios
Dev: ExJin Studios

Game: Tribunal Tactics

The world of gaming and community come together like never before. This Social Strategy game comes alive to be played via Discord with communities for a fun and immersive time.

About ExJin Studios
Deev Interactive LightBreak Logo DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Deev Interactive

Game: LightBreak

Enter a world where auditory puzzles and abstract visuals blend seamlessly to create a mesmerizing, emotionally-charged journey. Solve each puzzle transform the saaz, pull in abstract symbols to unveil a harmonious melody that not only advances the game but deepens its narrative layers.

About Deev Interactive
Supersane Logo DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: SuperSane

Game: Bakemono

Battle for the Solar System in the mech action packed anime themed VR game Bakemono. Shoot, Wallrun, and fly while having full control over both hands and weapons as you fight for victory.

About SuperSane
Grimesoft DHATL
Dev: Grimesoft

Game: Isometro

Grimesoft is just your average, everyday game studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. Move along, citizen.For a nostalgic city-builder experience, check out Isometro (an early-stage work-in-progress).

About GamesThatWork
RevereXR DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Revere XR

Immersive Storytelling: XR Preservation

Dive into a an immersive storytelling experience about history and culture through VR technology.

About Revere XR
Dev: Glosdex

Glosdex Tongue Drive System

Glosdex’s Tongue Drive System (GTDS) is the latest human-machine interface for the control of digital devices, video gaming, and controlling motorized wheelchairs, designed specifically for people that are unable to use their hands due to injury, illness, or congenital anomalies.

About Glosdex
GaloreInteractive DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Galore Interactive

Game: GONet FPS Arena

GONet is a multiplayer netcode toolset for game developers. Sample FPS games to get experience the excitement of GONet and some of its capabilities.

About Galore Interactive
Klearcoat DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Klearcoat Labs

Game: Helix: Age of the Auto Games

Helix: Age of the Auto Games is an open-world online multiplayer video game that allows players to choose their faction and compete in exciting races and battle matches utilizing the most dangerous and souped-up digital vehicles in the world. As players battle for glory and power across the streets, skies, and seas, the Helix Artificial Intelligence is the sole judge of the competition, reallocating power and influence to the faction that triumphs.

About Klearcoat Labs
RhytmMMO DreamHackAtlantaIndies

Game: RhythmMMO

A cozy non-violent mmorpg with rhythm based gameplay.

BonBon DreamHackAtlantaIndies

Game: Bonbon

Bonbon is a turn-based JRPG which follows the journey of a young boy determined to make his mark on the world, while his older sister strives to keep him safe at every step of the way.

About Bonbon
Barkane DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: VGDev

Game: Barkane: The Folds of Calamity

Take control of Marmalade, a magical Shiba Inu, on her journey to traverse a paper puzzle world. Navigate a series of paper-folding puzzles, reshaping the world to overcome obstacles and exploit mechanics that interact with the paper world to provide an exciting and brain-bending challenge. 

About VGDev
NuChallenger DreamHackAtlantaIndies 1
Dev: NuChallenger

Game: Treachery in Beatdown City: Ultra Remix

Explore an angry city, meet the worst people, and beat ’em up with style! Choose your fighter, freeze time, build your combos, and knock out your enemies, all to save the president.

About NuChallenger
ThreadXNeedle DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: ThreadxNeedle

Game: PartTimer

Play as a serial part-time worker as they stumble into befriending an odd cast of characters trying to solve the mystery tearing apart their town!

About ThreadxNeedle
Falinere DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Falimancy Interactive

Game: Falinere Fantasy

Falinere Fantasy is a turn-based RPG Dungeon Crawler played via Twitch Chat. Your viewers can change between 7 different classes and run through dungeons, leveling up and gaining skills as they traverse the land.

About Falimancy Interactive
Fanaticus DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Fanaticus

Game: (has multiple games)

Our quest is to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful experiences in immersive worlds. By using extended reality technology (XR) we can create experiences that connect and transport a wide range of people to new virtual frontiers.

About Fanaticus
TheParadell DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Turtle Dev Studio

Game: The Paradell

The Paradell is a third person, country-side, creature taming, adventure rpg where you harness elemental magic and beasts to farm, fight and explore the isolated and deceivingly cozy world of the Paradell. Explore the deepest catacombs and soar above the tree tops, gaining magical knowledge and helping shape the world.

About Turtle Dev Studio
ForwardInstinct DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Forward Instinct LLC

Game: Keepsake County

Burglarize hideous farmhouses in the middle of nowhere and get outta dodge. You have moments before the cops arrive to rob a procedurally-generated house that you’ve never seen before. If you’re caught, residents will call the police even sooner… or take the law into their own hands

About Forward Instinct LLC
AdventuresOfRoGrunner DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Gift Horse Games

Game: The Adventures of Ro Grunner

Play as Ro Grunner, the fastest criminal in the galaxy, and attempt to escape from an endless space prison. Shoot, jump, slide, and dodge your way around various enemies and obstacles. Can you escape?

About Gift Horse Games
VC DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Vittorio Corbo

Game: The UnBEAT-able Game

A game you probably won’t beat, but why don’t you try? In this bullet barrage, you are not meant to only dodge the bullets ad Infinitum, rather you are meant to grab the bullets, or in this case notes, that are being shot at you, to then absorb to shoot back onto the enemies. Will you be able to beat it?

About Vittorio Corbo
Nava DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Nava Labs

Game: From Nava

A mysterious 2D overhead action-puzzle game set in an abandoned science research laboratory consisting of nine areas. With monsters and puzzles preventing an easy path to the exit, it will take determination and grit to fulfill a stranger’s final wish and uncover what has happened to this world.

About Nava Labs
BlackBanshee DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Black Banshee Studios

Game: Escape the Unknown: Awaken the Realm

Awaken the Realm is a fantasy RPG visual novel where you explore various dungeons to solve puzzles and fight enemies in a quest to uncover your identity and save the kingdom!

About Black Banshee Studios
Cellec DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Cellec Games

Game: On Call

On Call is a games for change product designed to bring to light the stress healthcare professionals are under. In this game, players take on the role of a young doctor who struggles to balance their own mental health against the needs of their patients.

About Cellec Games
SageVR DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: SageVR

Game: WebSage

Using cutting-edge conversational AI and immersive virtual reality technology, SageVR creates a tranquil setting where users can engage in profound dialogue with their future selves.

About SageVR
GGDA DreamHackAtlantaIndies
Dev: Georgia Game Developers Association

The Georgia Game Developers Association represents game designers, programmers, artists, audio engineers, composers, academics and many related businesses.Their mission is to improve the games being developed in Georgia and elsewhere through a mix of professional development, skills training and industry support.

About Georgia Game Developers Association

Jennifer Ann’s Group is a nonprofit charity producing and publishing prosocial video games designed to prevent violence. Their program, Gaming Against Violence, was selected as a Top-50 nonprofit program in the U.S. for 2022. At DreamHack Atlanta they will be featuring three soon-to-be-released video games about critical thinking along with the indie devs who created those games.

About Jennifer Ann's Group

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