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A referral program with some easy to grab rewards

This is a full guide to the point system for the rewards you can earn for Atlanta.

If you’re planning on coming to DreamHack with your friends you can kill two birds with one stone by getting rewards for inviting them. If you get enough points, we’ll even refund your ticket! You can start by following these steps…

• When you login on the Tixr website you’ll find a specific code you can send out to your friends so they can buy tickets.

• You’ll earn points depending on how many of your friends redeem the code when they buy a ticket and what ticket type they buy.

• Rewards will be earned based on how many points you have (you cannot cash in the points for the rewards because it’s a ladder system, so you earn only the reward on the points tier you’ve reached).

• You can find the signups for the program on the Tixr Rewards website where you can find a points breakdown, the rewards, and an FAQ.

• For any questions regarding the referral program, check out their FAQ or contact Tixr directly.