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December 15 – 17
Atlanta, GA

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Individuals from all walks of life can join in and enjoy Magic games with their old and new friends during various events throughout the day.

MAGIC: the gathering

Welcome to DreamHack Magic during DreamHack Atlanta!

DreamHack Atlanta hosts the culmination of the United States Magic: The Gathering Regional Championship Round 4.  The best players in the country will compete for $130,000 in cash playing Pioneer on Saturday and Sunday.  Community members of all types can play Magic with friends, old and new, with events all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Casual and Commander players are always welcome.


This is your chance to meet the individuals who bring the Magic community together through their amazing content creation. From all types of lives and backgrounds, these content creators are passionate about the game and are dedicated to sharing their love for Magic with their audiences.

We are glad to see you’re interested!

Magic Formats

at Atlanta


• Last Chance Qualifiers for the RC

• $130,000 Regional Championship – Pioneer (by invitation only)
• $10,000 Open – Lost Caverns of Ixalan Sealed Deck

• Regional Championship Day 2
$10,000 Open – Pioneer


• Hourly tournaments
• Open Play Commander
• 4-person events all day long
• 8-person events all day long


• Prize Wall
• Magic Artist Alley
• Community-Focused
• Vendors
• Influencers
• Learn to Play with MagiKids

Play Locally, Win Globally

Participate in a qualifier at your local store, or receive an invite from DreamHack to participate.

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DreamHack Magic
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Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour
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Magic: The Gathering World Championship

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