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Art Zone

Arts & Crafts

Sure, there’s merch at the show, but we’ve got more than just that. You can buy a shirt at any festival, but you won’t find another hand-sewn Twitch ornament quite like yours. If you prefer to stand back and admire, ponder, behold, or just LOOK at art, we have a gallery too for doing just that.

Artists from all-over come to sell their gaming arts and crafts. Expect numbered and signed prints, hand-sewn plushies, 3D printed jewelry, and pretty much anything else you’ve saved in your cart before while online-window-shopping for gamer merch.

Indie developers have attracted exceptional artistic talent in growing numbers in the past few years. From the concept art that helps the developers visualize the game before it’s finished, to the key art they’ll share on social, and even the lost works that end up in art books, we display it all.