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Business Zone

In the Industry

Our B2B activities give you a place to meet new and old contacts, learn valuable industry knowledge, and provide a platform for developers to talk about their business plans. Panels are great for attendees too, if you’re interested in how games are made or what it takes to be a successful streamer.

Our workshops cover a wide variety of subjects that’ll help you develop your skills or get you excited about something new. Our panels give you access to the people you want to see and hear talks about the topics you care about. If you want to learn more about everything gaming, then come discuss, debate, and listen in.

If you’re a game developer looking for funding, you need a great presentation. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but that’s not a problem for our panel of industry vets who can give you guidance on what they want to hear from a business proposal. Practice, pitch, and compete to win a prize!

Need a meeting room in the middle of loud and exciting gaming festival? The lounge is a quiet place to sit down and talk business or just work for a bit.

More information soon!