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Indie Zone

Independent Developers

To find the most innovative and mind-blowing gaming experiences, look to the indies. These games are made with buckets of love because the teams often range from just a dozen people to as few as one, meaning they’re dedicating oodles of time to developing. Yet these folks are still capable of making games that rival the big leagues! If you ever wondered how they do it, stop by and talk with them as you sit down and play their wonderful games.

Indie devs enter for a chance to win a complimentary booth in our Expo to showcase their games in one of our 12 genre categories. We select several games for each category and all the devs attend, so it’s a great chance to talk to the creators about their work.

Every game selected for the Indie Playground will also be featured on the stage for their 15-minutes of fame. Expect dev talks, tournaments, giveaways, and more. We’ll also feature our Game Pitch Championship final round on the stage when devs battle with their pitching skills for a prize.