Countdown to Doors Open:

Indie Stage

15 minutes of fame

Every dev from the Indie Playground gets a 15 minute slot on our stage to do… whatever! They’ll give talks, do demos, competitions, giveaways, or anything else to entertain you during their time in the spotlight. In addition to this, the final round of the Game Pitch Championship will be hosted on the stage.

Check out the schedule for the Indie Stage!

A full schedule of the Indie Playground dev talks and Game Pitch Championship Finals for Atlanta.

DAY 1: FRI, NOV 16

12:20PM Neon Ninja
12:40PM Swim Sanity!
1:20PM The Last Friend
1:40PM Steamhounds
2:00PM Harvest Hands
2:20PM Elemensional Rift
2:40PM Summoners Fate
3:00PM Mowin’ & Throwin’
3:20PM Arcade Spirits
3:40PM SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen
4:00PM BattleCON ONline
4:20PM COLINA: Legacy
4:40PM Buoyancy
5:00PM Super Slime Arena
5:20PM Hamsterdam
5:40PM Temporal Odyssey
6:00PM Pig Eat Ball
6:20PM Collidalot

DAY 2: SAT, NOV 17

12:20PM SiNKR 2
12:40PM UnderMine
1:00PM Waveform Wipeout
1:20PM TwinCop
1:40PM Raja Mandala
2:00PM Depth of Extinction
2:20PM Death Coming
2:40PM True Messiah
3:00PM Witch It
3:20PM The Subject
3:40PM Griefhelm
4:00PM—6:30PM Game Pitch Championship Finals

DAY 3: SUN, NOV 18

12:20PM One Step From Eden
12:40PM Element: Space
1:00PM DON’T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale
1:40PM Deblockle
2:00PM A Purrtato Tail: By the Light of the Elderstar
2:20PM Verlet Swing
2:40PM Broken Lines
3:00PM Bring to Light
3:20PM Torn Asunder
3:40PM Zer0 Inbox
4:00PM The World Next Door
4:20PM Zarvot
4:40PM Iris.Fall
5:00PM Cede
5:20PM She Dreams Elsewhere
5:40PM Forgotton Anne
6:00PM Shaking Death
6:20PM Disjunction

Entries closed

If you want to submit your indie game or game pitch, please see the Indie Playground or Game Pitch Championship page for details on how to enter.