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T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Gaming

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T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Gaming

Nappy Boy Gaming was inspired by T-Pain’s love of connecting with others through the simple joy of playing video games. T-Pain started on Twitch as early as 2014, streaming before it was so widely accepted by the greater public. Since then, he has used his platform and influence to create a gaming organization with one simple rule – You don’t have to be good at games, but you do have to be a good person. Today, Nappy Boy Gaming is the home to Big Cheese, Granny, Cardboard Cowboy, Michael Lopriore, and Hert Life.

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T-Pain is a true multi-hyphenate talent, known for his incredible music career and his impressive presence in the gaming world. As one of the most influential streamers on Twitch since 2014, T-Pain’s shared his love for gaming, entertaining his fans with his infectious personality. He’s known for inspiring viral moments and making everyone feel like part of the fun. But T-Pain’s influence doesn’t stop there. He’s also the founder of Nappy Boy Gaming, a team of talented streamers who share his passion for creativity, diversity, and inclusivity. Together, they’ve built a community that celebrates the joy of gaming and the power of connection.


Big Cheese claims his name comes from being a big guy that likes to smile and being a wonderball of entertainment. His brand is all about having fun, sharing laughs and showing the world there is positivity in video games. He’s been featured by Raredrop, Markiplier, and Nappy Boy Gaming founder, T-Pain. Big Cheese is steadily growing as a streamer and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon! By mixing music with gaming, Cheese has one goal: show everyone a great time and leave his audience with something to remember.

Big Cheese’s Accomplishments

Big Cheese’s Accomplishments

Joined Nappy Boy Gaming
2020 Twitch Ambassador
2020 Golden Joystick Award Nominee
Over 50k followers on Twitch
Over 15m views on Twitch
Silver medalist on Twitch/NBC Olympics
Norton Gaming Brand Ambassador
Special guest on MTV’s Wild N’ Out


He’s a cowboy who does cowboy things all the time. Utilizing his natural creativity and unique art style, Cardboard Cowboy has formed his own universe on Twitch. Whether he is gaming or telling original stories with the various characters in his universe, Cardboard has built a fresh experience for anyone to enjoy. Along with his main channel, he also runs LofiCardboardCowboy to give people 24/7 access to music inspired by the life and times of the Cowboy and his trusty steed, Douglas.


Hertrech Eugene Jr. aka “Hert” is a passionate automotive personality, known for his exceptional drifting skills and captivating content When he’s not behind the wheel, he frequents Twitch. Streaming his favorite games and connecting with his community, Hert signed to Nappy Boy Gaming to extend his passion into entertaining his gaming audience.


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