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October 4-6, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia

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Patch 0.12 notes

Calling all Mario lovers, join the Mario Kart experience!

The Mario Kart Experience

The thrill of Mario Kart at DreamHack Atlanta 2023

🚗 Race Preview:
From December 15-17, enjoy heart-pounding races on familiar tracks. Are you a Rainbow Road or Yoshi Valley?

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🎮 Experience the Joy:
Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a casual player, grab your friends, pick your favorite characters, and get ready for three days of fun! Mario Kart is a testament to timeless fun, proving that you’re never too old to enjoy the magic of Mario.

Mario Kart Experience

🌈 Fun Facts About Mario:
Mario was originally known as “Jumpman” in the Donkey Kong arcade game. The first game where Mario was referred to as a plumber was “Mario Bros.,” released in 1983. Mario’s iconic mustache was added to give him more distinctive features, as early graphics couldn’t show his nose.

Mario has appeared in over 200 video games, making him one of the most recognizable characters in the world. The character’s name, Mario, was inspired by Mario Segale, the landlord of an industrial complex where Nintendo of America was renting warehouse space in the 1980s.

Mark Your Calendar

Don’t miss out! Mark your calendar for December 15-17 and share in the thrill of Mario Kart at DreamHack Atlanta. 🍄

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