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Halo Championship Series 2018 Finals is coming to DreamHack Atlanta this November. Come and watch some star-studded Halo 5: Guardians action.

The final stop for the Brawlhalla World Championship ends here at DreamHack Atlanta! $100,000 will be ready for the taking, so make sure you don’t miss out on watching these amazing gamers battle it out to become the next Champion.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive returns to Atlanta once again! You can watch some of the best teams fight it out for $100,000 during the longest standing tournament DreamHack has!

Join the crowd and cheer for your favorite team and who knows, you might just get to meet them after the match.

Cardslingers, prepare yourselves. The penultimate stop in the DreamHack HCT Grand Prix 2018 season is upon us! $15,000 and 191 HCT points are on the table. There will also be a side event where you can join in too.

Always wanted to get into the FGC scene but didn’t know where to begin? For starters, watch the action live from the venue in our huge FGC area. Stages and gaming galore, and best news is it’s all weekend!

The Paladins World Championship will crown one team the ultimate Champion of the Realm and Paladins Console Wars returns to settle the platform debate.

The SMITE World Championship will see teams fight for the right to lift Thor’s hammer. SMITE Console Wars will end in glory on the Battleground of the Gods.