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For all general inquiries regarding event rules, tickets, and other general questions, please first review our FAQ and Event Rules. If you are unable to find the answers you need please contact our support email.

Support mails are typically answered within 72 hours. Please note we have delayed support during the days our festivals. Our support desk is not open on weekends, public holidays, or during select times during summer holidays.


Want to work with DreamHack? Our events are a great platform to engage with gamers both in person and through our esports broadcasts which reach millions online! Event partnerships including opportunities to exhibit in the Expo, event branding, product placement, esports tournament sponsorships, and customized activations.


If you’re an influential member of the community, DreamHack would love your support and attendance to make our events as fun as possible. We want to connect you directly to your fans at our events and we want you to share your experience at DreamHack with your community.

Check out ways to get involved in our Community Zone. Or contact!

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