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Volunteer Crew

DreamHack Crew members are the true champions of the festival experience—making it possible to host our world-class digital festivals. The Crew is an integral part of creating our esports tournaments, streaming zones, the Expo, our large BYOC LAN parties, and console and tabletop gaming activities. The DreamHack Crew teams are also responsible for planning fun on-site activities for our attendees. Most of the things that make each DreamHack event unique and fun are determined by the Crew. Have you ever wanted the opportunity to be a part of creating that awesome gaming event experience? This is it!

In order to make DreamHack an awesome gaming event, we need people to bring their skills in button mashing, network configs, worbla manipulation, hanging LED-screens, and event experience. Of course, you have to know how to have a good time because you never know whose face is going to be printed and hung on a giant cardboard sign!

DreamHack is looking for people who want to be on the ground floor of making the largest LAN party in the world and the best gaming event ever. If this sounds like you, click the button below and register to apply to the teams of your choice. Or don’t, miss out on the fun, and grow old and regret the day you didn’t volunteer to make dreams come true. Totally up to you.

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