World of Gamers - Community of Friends
DreamHack Austin

Experience LAN

You can almost sense the collective consciousness as you gaze into the sea of computers that is the DreamHack LAN. This is where gamers come together, often uniting in person for the first time after years of online friendship.

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This is #DHATX18

We've gathered the best of the best, the grandest and most exciting things in gaming for this year's edition of DreamHack Austin! Keep an eye on this page as we keep announcing more amazing content!

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Gaming Lifestyle

The gaming world comes to life at DreamHack with so many ways to spend your day. Dive into the gaming lifestyle and experience everything the community's passion is responsible for creating.

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Live Esports

Watching streams is fun but it’s NOTHING like being there! You can feel the hype as professional gamers compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars on massive stages.

Visit the Expo

Over 100 partners come to DreamHack to show their latest products in the expo. Discover everything from gaming gear and new games to giveaways from the hottest brands!