Community Zone 

The DreamHack Community Zone is filled with energetic and passionate content creators from both Twitch and Youtube. This is your chance to meet your favourite content creators LIVE at DreamHack! 

Art Zone

The Art Zone brings attention to the many talented artists out there that work in the gaming and geek culture space. Be it comics, video games, tabletop games, anime, etc. these artists start the product’s life with just a simple concept. Without them, a product may have a very difficult start. The talent here is unmatched and we want to show you why. 

Business Zone 

Now to get serious for a minute, the Business Zone. This Zone’s focus is to bring like minds across the industry to network, share stories, collaborate on new ventures, and more. We want DreamHack to be a place to celebrate not only the many things we’ve all enjoyed, but the start of something new… be it a new company, a new product, or just a new contact.  

DIY Zone

The DIY Zone was created to highlight the many talented individuals that are constantly having the itch to create. This area will focus on many different types of ways you can create at DreamHack. The ability to create and do so successfully isn’t easy. In fact, in many cases jobs are even created from a person’s need to create and the attention the creation received since talent like that isn’t easy to find. Why not highlight this tremendous talent and help create more awareness. More DIY Zone coming soon! 

Indie Zone 

The Indie Zone is our way of saying we love indies. It’s our tribute to the awesome things they represent - creativity, passion, close teams, and so much more. The risk some of these teams take on to make sure their game is made and/or their statement is made is something we at DreamHack respect immensely. We want to do our part to help minimize the risk they take as much as possible and get their game out there to the masses. 

Main Stage

Stages aren’t just for esports! Just like DreamHack in Europe, we’re bringing music to DreamHack North America to make it a experience. Our musical guests have yet to be announced, but rest assured we will let you know as soon as we can! There will be plenty of lasers and lights on stage with fantastic artists throughout the weekend. 


Films, television, anime, cartoons, internet videos, and more make up DreamHack’s screening content. We want to blur the line between gaming and other entertainment mediums and bring this type of awesome content to the fans. Who knows, maybe we’ll start having red carpet events for fans to enjoy! 


DreamHack events give the community a chance to discuss the topics they care about. Learn something new by attending a panel where experts go into detail on topics like: gaming, esports, cosplay, tabletop, technology, industry, coding, and general geek culture! Most panels are interactive, allowing questions from the audience and time to talk with panelists at the conclusion of the panel. 

Student Zone 

Student Zone’s purpose is to highlight the future of what’s to come. To feed an industry, you have to educate and innovate. Making sure the upcoming generations build upon the talent that thrive within it now. This Zone will highlight the future and how, in time, they will take us to the next level.