Art Zone

The Art Zone brings attention to the many talented artists out there that work in the gaming and geek culture space. Be it comics, video games, tabletop games, anime, etc. these artists start the product’s life with just a simple concept. Without them, a product may have a very difficult start. The talent here is unmatched and we want to show you why.  
Art Gallery

Exactly as it sounds, our gallery showcases some of the most amazing artists in video games, tabletop, comics, anime, and more. Unlike other events where companies enter on behalf of the game, we leave it to the artists themselves to enter pieces they’ve worked on for titles, allowing them to choose the pieces they love most. DreamHack staff select a number of works to put on display for attendees to see art off their screens and instead richly printed on canvas.   

Artist Alley 

Why reinvent the wheel? Artist Alley is something that we all know and love. Artists across the world of video games, comics, tabletop, anime, and more are welcome! This is another element of DreamHack where we aim to include the diversity of our culture and put talent on display.  

Alexander IaccarinoAlexander Iaccarino
Tania FigueroaNoble Demons
Thao ToTo The Sunnyside
Greg PetersGreg Peters
Damon BowieDamon Bowie Art
Anastasia SnyderInk Rose Inc.
Frank MimsArt by FJM
Jaqueline ChoeJisu Choe Art
Linh HuynhMagister
Lynette SimonRabbit Tales
Zach TorresAC Custom Design
Kris KehasukjarenKehasuk
Sakura KinomotoTachiik Muffincow
Matthew WeldonMatthew Weldon
David WongBrick by Brick Design
Mostafa MousaMostafa Ink
Nelson KuangBurntGreenTea
Joshua BotelloInu Creations
James ValleJames Valle (KentaroPJJ)
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