Business Zone
Now to get serious for a minute, the Business Zone. This Zone’s focus is to bring like minds across the industry to network, share stories, collaborate on new ventures, and more. We want DreamHack to be a place to celebrate not only the many things we’ve all enjoyed, but the start of something new… be it a new company, a new product, or just a new contact.  

Game Pitch Championship 

Prize: $2,500
The Game Pitch Championship was created to help build the skills you need to successfully get your product out there. Many developers are talented and either nail the build they have to show but don’t really nail the business plan or they nail the business plan and not the build. With a pitch, you have a short time to impress so you need to nail it all. This competition will not only help hone your skills, but you’ll win accolades too. Accolades are always nice to show off. 

If you are selected you will need to prepare a 150 word or less description of the title, screenshots that shows the gameplay, and remember that attendance at the event is mandatory! 

B2B Lounge

The B2B Lounge is DreamHack's gaming industry hub. Chat with friends, colleagues and new contacts or just take a minute away from the action to recharge. Comfortable seating and semi-private areas are available for meetings. The lounge also functions as a coworking space with desks, power and wifi to help you take care of business all weekend long.

The DreamHack B2B Lounge is also a relaxing refuge to share a drink and network with members of the community. 

You can find the lounge in the Austin Convention Center's Ballroom B, located at the Southeast corner of the venue just past the Hearthstone stage. This space is available to you 24 hours a day from, grand opening to grand finale. We look forward to doing business with you!

A business card or proof of industry credentials is required for entry. 


Are you interested in learning a new skill? Check out our list of workshops on topics from cosplay craft design to introduction to game development. Leave DreamHack with a new skill or at least a taste of one! 

For further details and entry, see here. 

Questions, suggestions, want to say hi... πŸ‘‰ activities@dreamhack.com