Cosplay Championship

Whether you're coming to watch or participate, the DreamHack Cosplay Championship is always incredible fun! Events will take place on Saturday, June 2nd. Full cosplay details here.  

Meet & Greets

If you have a photo, esports jersey or hand (that you never plan on washing again), this is your chance to get it signed! DreamHack brings esports icons, legendary game developers, cosplay superstars, YouTube/Twitch streaming celebs and more for your hand shaking and photo snapping pleasure. Odds are you'll even get jebaited before the weekend is through! 

Stream Studio

The Stream Studio pulls online celebrities across the globe to our show for the attendees to watch them live and in action as they stream to the world. Not only are seasoned streamers welcome, but aspiring streamers are encouraged to participate too at our dedicated stations where they can hone their skills and learn new ones.  

Speedrunning Marathons

Speedrunning is the practice of finishing various video games in the fastest way possible, according to the constraints established beforehand by the community. It's safe to assume that when these games were first conceived, the developers did not anticipate the methods and strategies often used by the runners who completely deconstruct their creations. From the first ever Super Mario Bros. to the last Resident Evil, and going through the good old Mega Man series, everyone finds their slice of entertainment! Together with NoReset, we're building something great!

For further details and entry, see here. 

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