DIY Zone

The DIY Zone was created to highlight the many talented individuals that are constantly having the itch to create. This area will focus on many different types of ways you can create at DreamHack. The ability to create and do so successfully isn’t easy. In fact, in many cases jobs are even created from a person’s need to create and the attention the creation received since talent like that isn’t easy to find. Why not highlight this tremendous talent and help create more awareness. 
Game Jam

DreamHack is thrilled to be teaming up again with Game Jolt to give independent game developers the opportunity to showcase their creativity to the 250,000+ gamers who attend our events around the world each year, starting with DreamHack Austin!
A Game Jam offers participants the chance to sprint on a game idea from concept to reality in a short period of time. Some games created from a Game Jam go on to become full fledged games, something most people aren’t aware of and should be. It’s a breeding ground for talent and great ideas. The Game Jam will take place prior to DreamHack Austin with the titles entered being shown at the show. While at the show, we’ll also have something special for the winners. 
View full details and register for the DreamHack Austin Game Jam here!