Arcade is platform that just won’t die and it shouldn’t. The experience an Arcade game can bring is still one of the more fun experiences in gaming around. Understanding this, we work with the Arcades4Home   to make sure the fans have what they want.

Console gamers are a dedicated group and we have everything you need. More and more titles are being added to appeal to every console gamer. Take part in our tournaments or just play at your convenience. We work with Gaming Generations   to make sure we have plenty of options for plenty of people

Mobile gaming is coming on big, like it or not. The experiences it can bring almost match some of the more standard gaming conventions today. With each year we see the Mobile gaming scene grow more and more. It’s here to stay and DreamHack will be right there supporting it.
Our PC Freeplay library is getting bigger with every show. Come and play a game from this massive library against a friend or a total stranger. Check the schedule and see if we have any devs showing up to personally play you in their game or see if there might be some tournaments happening.

Together with the amazing Cascade Games  , our tabletop library and tournament schedule is definitely something to brag about. We have something for everyone who likes to unplug and experience the physical experience of gaming. Definitely something for every type of tabletop gamer, whether you prefer card games or board games.

VR is an amazing experience every gaming fan should try. This awesome technology is only getting started and we’ve yet to see the full potential of this type of gameplay and how far it can really go to enhance our gaming sessions. Thanks to our partner Novastar Gaming  , there’s plenty of VR to go around.