There are many talented individuals who are spearheading many of the games, books, movies, and other forms of entertainment we all love. It’s an honor to play host to them and invite them to the show and give us some insight on how they accomplish what they do and the passion they bring to each project.  


DreamHack panels are designed to give you access to the people you want to see talk about the topics you care about. We review community applications on a wide range of topics with the goal of curating a diverse schedule of content from every inch of the gaming ecosystem. 

Recent topics have included: body hacking, how to build cosplay armor, future of MMO's, Philosophy of Game Difficulty, Intro to Video Game Design, Rapid Game Prototyping, Building an Esports Bar, Building a Collegiate Esports Team, How Personal Branding Works, Japanese Fashion Show, Console Repair Made Simple, State of the Gaming Industry, Creating a Counter-Strike Level, Esports Psychology, How to Work in the Gaming Industry, and  much more! 

We're excited to bring the voice of the community to DreamHack Austin! If you or someone you know would be an awesome addition to one of our panels, we'd love to slot you in before panel submissions close.

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