Student Zone

Student Zone’s purpose is to highlight the future of what’s to come. To feed an industry, you have to educate and innovate. Making sure the upcoming generations build upon the talent that thrive within it now. This Zone will highlight the future and how, in time, they will take us to the next level.   
Collegiate Tournaments 

College gaming is taking the world by storm, and this year it is coming to DreamHack Austin together with AVGL! The Collegiate League of Legends tournaments’ Grand Final will be played on the DreamHack Austin Main Stage. 
The Collegiate League of Legends tournament will have an online qualifier, and the group stages will begin March 30th. The top teams from each group will move on and play in brackets. The final two teams will be invited to DreamHack Austin with travel stipend, hotel, and 3-day tickets to the event. 
Rocket League Grudge matches will be held on Friday. The League of Legends Grudge Matches will be held prior to the finals on Saturday For more information click here . 

Student Game Showcase

Students learning game design often work towards the goal of making a final project (a playable game) to complete their degree or otherwise develop on their own outside of class. However they get there, the ideas for their school projects could spawn a successful game down the road. The showcase gives students a chance to enter their game for a complimentary spot to display their work and make connections in the industry. 

Student Showcase Teams

NYU Game Center, Tisch School of Arts
Battle on the Bridge
Team Finite
Santa Ana College
Double V
New York University
University of Texas
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New Yoruk University
Funk Unplugged
DePaul University
New York University
Gelato Banditos
Chaotic Goods
DePaul University
NYU Game Center
Penny Blue Find's a Clue
Cactus Curse
Digipen Institute of Technology
Ultra Dance Murder
StevenHarmon Games, LLC.
University of Southern Californa
Up in the Air
Studio Jiggly
SMY Guildhall
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