Collegiate Tournaments 

Some of the best players from around the world are also some of the youngest. Sports have their NCAA leagues, we have AVGL. Together with AVGL we plan on building this part of the show event after event until everyone is paying attention and realize it's not something that should be missed. College gaming is some of the fiercest competition and we're going to give you the best of the best. 

Student Game Showcase

For students in Game Design, many face the upcoming task of one day having to make their Final Project. Some are just making games on the side, while they prepare or make their Final Project. Either of these directions could spawn a successful game down the road, a spiritual successor to what was thought of during their school years. That’s something that should be shown and celebrated, not just forgotten about once school’s out. So, we at DreamHack are giving students a chance to enter their game for a complimentary spot to showcase their hard work. 

For further details and entry, see here.

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