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Sept 5 – Nov 5, everywhere & anywhere

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Two months of competitions, contests, streams, and games to watch and play.

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DreamHack Beyond is a two month long celebration of gaming and the gaming community. Throughout the Season, there’ll be tournaments to compete in, contests to join, streams that show the action, and prizes to win. By downloading the DreamHack App, you’ll be able to unlock achievements as you play, participate, and watch.


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Download the DreamHack App to unlock achievements by watching, playing, and competing in DreamHack Beyond. Earn rewards – discounts, free DreamHack tickets, and DreamHack merchandise – as you unlock more achievements.

DreamHack beyond
festival schedule

October 31 - November 6

Monday Oct 31

Tuesday Nov 1

Wednesday Nov 2

Thursday Nov 3

Friday Nov 4

Saturday Nov 5

Sunday Nov 6


Want a free ticket to DreamHack? Earn achievements & rewards by participating in DreamHack Beyond! See all the badges below and download the DreamHack App to learn more about how to join the quest.

Challenger I - III

Aim High I - III

Champion I - III
by Monster Energy

Spectator I - III

Creative Elite

by Monster Energy

Jury Duty (Cosplay)

Art Aficionado (Art)

Roll the Dice (Tabletop)

Science Fair (Minecraft)

Quizguru I – III



DreamHack Beyond Season 3 starts on Sept. 5th and ends on Nov. 5th. See the schedule for all the activities

Online! DreamHack Beyond is a two month celebration online of the  gaming communities and you can take part as long as you have an internet connection.

With the DreamHack App, engaging with activities will earn you achievements and XP that in turn can unlock DreamHack-related rewards and get you a head start of prizes at Dreamhack Atlanta!

No, the app is a fully optional layer on top of all the fun stuff already happening during the week. We recommend it though!

For certain activities, it might take up to 24 hours to get your achievement. If you believe there’s been an error, join our Discord and message us in the #beyond channel.

Your rewards unlock in the app as you gather more achievements. If you believe there’s been an error, join our Discord and message us in the #beyond channel.

We’re here to help! Join our Discord and message us in the #beyond channel.

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