jul 24 - Jul 31, 2021

JUL 24 - JUL 31, 2021

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Welcome to DreamHack Beyond, an at-home, all-digital free interactive experience showcasing the best of DreamHack. Players can dive into the story of the mystical Sleepers by creating their own characters, completing the game’s narrative, looking for side quests and building up their XP, farming for items like Cheer Gear, and more! Want to skip the game and get right to the booth you want? No problem!

DreamHack Beyond can be enjoyed anyway you like. With areas dedicated to game demos, cosplay, tournaments, and more, DreamHack is looking to go BEYOND the creative edge and create a one-of-a-kind online multiplayer experience. Scroll down to read more and join our community pages below for more updates.

What is it?

Join us from Jul 24 – Jul 31 for an early access festival experience presented through our brand new online multiplayer video game.

Game Features:

  • Create and customize your character
  • Collect limited edition pets and cosmetics
  • Explore the story of the Sleepers by completing the campaign
  • Cheer on your favorite teams with gear and custom animations
  • Participate in various side quests to earn XP and find exclusive loot
  • Many dynamically themed halls with their own lore

What can i do?

Cheer on your favorite teams! Tournament info coming soon.

Claim and customize your virtual LAN experience.

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Celebrating the passion and competition of the Fighting Game Community from home. Follow @DreamHackFG for more info.

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Try out some of your favorite titles missing from your library, or find new games to explore — all from the comfort of home.

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Craft, transform, and create. With over $3000 on the line, follow @DHCosplay to know when our competitions go live.

Highlighting student gaming with Collegiate Star League tournaments and student made games!

Put your skills to the test by pitching your game idea to a panel of judges for a chance to win $2,500. Sign Up

Listen closely for your favorite artists gracing the halls (and tournaments) of DreamHack Beyond.

If you are interested in joining us as an exhibitor, submit your contact information to our sales team here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy competing in casual competitions with, or against, your friends. Watch on Twitch!

Our mission is to support and spotlight charities as they engage with gaming communities at a national level. Sign up here

Explore our arts and crafts from around the world to satisfy your collector’s itch. Artists apply here.

New games every week, LIVE on our Twitch.

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Bring the popcorn and we’ll pick the entertainment!

Make a game from scratch and compete for a chance to be featured! Keep an eye on Game Jolt for more info

A chance to grab your DreamHack gear!

Experts from across the gaming industry share their knowledge in our panel series.

Think your band deserves to be noticed? Stay tuned for info on how to compete!

Recognizing the best games of 2020, integrated into Beyond.

EXPOA little world in each booth

When you’re in the expo, you can imagine each booth is it’s own small world, be it a game, an artist, or a charity. Exhibitors are full of surprises!

If you’re interested in exhibiting with us, click on the sign up button below.

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Event faq

Simply, it’s both a free hybrid gaming festival AND online game. DreamHack Beyond was created to both complement and showcase the best of DreamHack in a fresh, new way. This rollout is the evolution of shifting DreamHack into a year-round gaming lifestyle brand for the community.

DreamHack is more than an event — it creates an arena where you can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience. By working with Super Crowd, we have created a video game … and we have also created this hybrid event that offers everything gaming, virtually, under one roof in the same manner our traditional festivals have always done this.

As one of the most technologically-forward, geographically-nimble ongoing festivals on the planet, we felt the time was right for DreamHack to return. With this new hybrid, interactive DreamHack festival, we are beyond lockdowns and travel restrictions, beyond our worries and fears, and even beyond registration fees. With our own special virtual twist, we promise to bring to this festival weekend everything that our community loves and celebrates about gaming — the Tournaments, LAN Party, Streaming Studio, Cosplay Championship, Music, Film Screenings, Expo, Panels, Demos — and we are able to welcome even more fans from around the world.

We’re collaborating with Super Crowd Entertainment to offer a unique but user-friendly approach to navigate a digital experience. With proprietary Super Crowd X5 framework, they enable online, multiplayer conventions for B2C and B2B brands featuring a booth editor for exhibitors, an in-game chat system, and full streaming and online product integration – all packed in an easy-to-navigate browser experience.

Yes. The goal for all of us at DreamHack is to provide great experiences for our fans, which have traditionally thrived by bringing communities together for these shared and beloved festivals all around the globe. With a hybrid event like this, all of our festivals, no matter where they take place, will allow our community to be a part of them.

Everything goes through evolution, and the pandemic (combined with all of our online activities) has certainly expanded our ideas of what is possible as we go forward. A lot of love and time went into creating DreamHack Beyond. It’s rollout is strategically really no different than the big games of today — we’ll have major updates for new features, content, and more as we develop this to compliment our physical festivals. DreamHack welcomes everyone, from the novice to the expert, from the very small to the very old, and from all backgrounds, globally.

This is an all-digital, at-home, interactive experience. Players/attendees can enjoy the festival in any way they choose: In the video game, players can:

  • Create and customize your character
  • Collect limited edition pets and cosmetics
  • Explore the story of the Sleepers by completing the campaign
  • Cheer on your favorite teams with gear and custom animations
  • Participate in various side quests to earn XP and find exclusive loot
  • Many dynamically themed halls with their own lore


Or, attendees can skip the game and go right to a desired booth for a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience by attending panels, playing game demos, and taking part in the event through more traditional DreamHack festival activities.

Yes, but we will do so in a digital and interactive way. Favorite music artists may grace the halls (and tournaments) of DreamHack Beyond as music is integrated and gamified throughout the week; there will be a variety of screening options to watch; We will offer arts and crafts from around the world; and of course our beloved cosplay competition will happen virtually.

Players of all skill levels will be able compete, from up-and-comers to professionals. We will also have Fighting Game tournaments, speedrunning, and even student gaming featuring some of the best high school and college teams in the nation. More on this will be announced soon.

DreamHack had its last in-person festival prior to the pandemic — February 2020 at DreamHack Anaheim. The next scheduled in-person events are DreamHack Atlanta in November 2021, and DreamHack Winter, also in November 2021.

Lots more to come...
Stay Tuned!

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