Boost Cup

The Rocket League Boost Cups at DreamHack Beyond will be a nine day celebration of Rocket League with competitions across the spectrum of game types.

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Traditional tournaments

DreamHack’s Boost Cups are an intermediate point on the tournaments scale, between the amateur and professional levels. They exist to give a boost to the community and BYOC tournaments that DreamHack often runs with a boost to prize pools for players and a boost to production value for viewers.

Give yourself a boost as well and compete with us in Rocket League at DreamHack Beyond!

Prize pools





Jul 23 - 2v2$4,000 prize pool

17:00 CEST

Tournament start

20:00 CEST

Broadcast start

Jul 25 - 1v1$2,000 prize pool

17:00 CEST

Tournament start

20:00 CEST

Broadcast start

Jul 30 - 3v3$7,500 prize pool

17:00 CEST

Tournament start

18:00 CEST

Broadcast start

US East

Jul 24 - 2v2$4,000 prize pool


Tournament start


Broadcast start

Jul 29 - 1v1$2,000 prize pool


Tournament start


Broadcast start

Jul 31 - 3v3$7,500 prize pool


Tournament start


Broadcast start


Freestyling has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last year, in no small part because of Pulse Clan and their constant pushing of the envelope.

Our friends at Pulse Clan will be helping us drive forward (and up and around with some flair) Freestyle competitions for both North American and European servers.

The North American competition will be held on US West servers by default but can be switched to US East if both competitors agree. European competition will be held on Europe servers. Anyone from any region may compete in either competition, but will be required to play on the designated servers.

To compete, join our Rocket League Discord.

North America CompetitionsJul 26

2 pm (PDT)

Tournament start time

3 pm (PDT)

Broadcast starts

Europe CompetitionsJul 28

18:00 (CEST)

Tournament start time

19:00 (CEST)

Broadcasts starts

Prize pools

North America$1,000



Cosplay is a core part of DreamHack festivals, so to help bring the creative action to DreamHack Beyond we’re launching a Rocket League Cosplay competition!

Dream up your best in game car designs and deck your cars out with decals, toppers, antennae, boosts and trails to compete in two categories – Themed and Best Dressed! There will be a $1,000 prize pool split between the categories.

How do I register?
You will need to join the DreamHack Rocket League Discord and submit your car design(s) in the form below.


Build your car with items to best portray any theme you can dream up! Pizza delivery vehicle, space invader, cowboy? Let your imagination take the pitch and wow our judges with the best implementation of your chosen theme!

Best dressed

A complete free-for-all for the absolutely best looking Rocket League car you can create! No stocktanes allowed in this competition, only the best of the black markets. Our judges will rate your vehicles and determine the winners!

How to Join

Preliminary judgingJul 27

12 pm (PDT) 21:00 (CEST)

North American and
European judging

Prize pool

Split between categories$1,000

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