ultra DomeDigital “B@YOC WAN PARTY”

At DreamHack Beyond, we will host the first ever digital “B@YOC WAN PARTY”! Be one of a thousand to enter the Ultra Dome, the non-stop party that has reclaimed the mundane office world after everyone began working from home. With only one thousand seats up for grabs, the NIMDAs only thought it fair to distribute access via a lottery-style distribution system.

Inside the Ultra Dome, you will find activities familiar to any DreamHack experience, like setting up your PC, entering your rig to the PC Championship, competing in Community Clash tournaments, and more zany activities that the NIMDAs have thought up for you.

10 jun

Signups open for B@YOC WAN Party SWEEPSTAKES

17 jun

First SWEEPSTAKE Distribution

24 jun

Second SWEEPSTAKE Distribution

01 Jul

Third SWEEPSTAKE Distribution

07 Jul

Seat Map Opens

22 Jul

Unclaimed tickets recycled into the pool, the final distribution happens

BYOND PC Championship


This is your friend Jack Hobbs coming to you from the Ultra Dome! I am getting ready to receive your entries into the BEYOND PC Championship. We are working out a lot and working on all the details of this tour de force of custom PCs.

Check out the categories below.


Who has the best RGB lighting on their PC?


Pipes that Mario would get lost in


Harness the force of fans into a great typhoon


Overall build cohesion and theme


Community BYOC Vote


We have you covered. If you were a Founder at DreamHack LANs, we have a unique floor in the Ultra Dome just for you. Make sure you claim your tickets before June 30th, or you risk losing your seat. Emails are sent out to addresses associated with your DHID.


Compete at DreamHack Beyond: We have a range of tournaments from fighting games, speedrunning, cosplay competition, music, and more!