Craft, transform, and create! DreamHack Beyond will feature a cosplay competition focusing on pure crafting, transformation, and design skills.

Check out the basics of the competition below and sign up to enter. Follow @DHCosplay to make sure you get the latest news.

DreamHack Beyond x ICONIC Cosplay

Cosplay goes digital at DreamHack Beyond! With the world being what it is, we wanted to give all our wonderful cosplayers around the world the chance to showcase your wonderful creations! Show us what you can create and join your fellow crafters for this very special digital cosplay competition! (Open to cosplayers all over the world)

What is it?

We wanted to provide cosplayers with the ability to participate with their passion from all over the world, and we welcome you to our online contest. All you have to do is submit two videos, one where you Showcase your creation, with a creative video, and one where you create a Presentation of your cosplay and how you built it for our judges and the audience!

Read on to see the video criteria and the award categories.

How to Join


jul 1

Sign ups open

jul 20

Sign ups close

jul 22

20 Finalists Chosen

jul 29

Finals LIVE - Twitch Premiere, showcase on DH Beyond


Best Craft (Top 3)

Best craft is going to be a prize given out by our judges to creators that build their most amazing cosplays using special techniques, crafting skills, and put together the most amazing cosplays from the show! Crafting at it’s finest.




Judge Favorites

Our judges will be able to feature one cosplayer that stood out in their mind, and mention why they were drawn to a particular prop, cosplay, performance, or something completely outstanding!

Best in Show (Top 3)

Our best in show awards will go to those videos that simply blow us away for those content creators that showcase their cosplays, the characters, and create a stunning video that brings their cosplays to life!





Tine Marie Riis

Tine Marie has been cosplaying from the wonderful mountains of Norway since 2009. With her love of games, especially Legend of Zelda, League of Legends, WoW, and Dota 2 she has brought some amazing characters to life with her cosplays. We have seen Tine portray what feels like thousands of characters to perfection and we absolutely love how committed she is to getting her characters right.

Tine has worked with so many different cosplay projects including the first iteration of ICONIC with our Nordic competition and had an immeasurable effect on how cosplay has been portrayed in the Nordics along with the entire scene. Watching her projects has always filled us with joy. We look forward to having Tine shed light with her experience on the cosplays we are to encounter on ICONIC yet again!

Photo: Jacobcr2


Choosing a technically adept judge with skills with metal work, high grade electronics, and lovely skills creating light works wasn't hard for us. Introducing Zibartas cosplay, our Danish representative with a passion for amazing cosplays and putting together high grade builds. He builds unusual animatronics and loves the creative mechanical solutions to cosplay creations!

We wanted to work with Zibartas not only due to his amazing work with animatronics, but also because he is great at spreading his knowledge to others via his YouTube channel. Zibartas has travelled to many events and made a lot of great constructions over the years, and we are glad to be able to bring him aboard to share his experiences and introduce him to the wonderful participants for this DreamHack Beyond x ICONIC cosplay show!

Photo: Skymone

Kinpatsu Cosplay

Tayla and Eric are a cosplay and crafting duo known as Kinpatsu Cosplay. Originally from South Africa they are now based in Canada. Since 2012 they have been creating costumes and props from games, anime, movies and pop culture.

Together they have traveled around the world to conventions as guests and judges, competed in international costume competitions, and worked with companies like Riot Games in order to bring characters to life through their creations. Over the years cosplay has become their full time business and now they create books, patterns and tutorial videos to help others create their own costumes and learn how to cosplay!


Cosplay isn’t always about investing hundreds of hours into a detailed transformation, sometimes we want to pull something together FAST. For the first time ever, DreamHack will feature a live stream transformation challenge.

Eight streamers will be selected to live stream for three hours – streamers will be given a genre/game/ character category and have that time to body paint, raid their closets, and break out the cardboard!

Throughout the process, streamers will be featured on the DreamHack Twitch channel and be competing for the $800 prize pool up for grabs.

Finalists will be selected and notified by July 8, 2021 and provided with further instruction.

Schedule (PDT)Saturday, Jul 31

10 am

Prompts given & builds starts

11 am

Main Stage show begins

1:15 PM

Builds ends and judges do a final review

1:40 PM

Judges deliberate

1:50 PM

Winners chosen

Prizes2x tickets to each winner for a future DreamHack of their choice






Do you love designing original cosplays and transforming non-typical inspirations into fashion?

Submit your designs for a Rocket League car inspired fashion/cosplay look and have a shot at making it into the finals of our Rocket League Fashion show!

Finalists will be paired with Rocket League content creators to create original cosplay designs based off of the creator’s car of choice. (Just a drawing – you don’t need to actually create the cosplay!) This design challenge has $1000 on the line for the designer and content creator teams.

Finalists will be selected and notified by July 8, 2021 and provided with further instruction.


jun 10

Sign ups open

jul 2

Sign ups close

jul 9

Finalists selected

jul 30

Rocket League Design Challenge Prelims

jul 31

Rocket League Design Challenge Finals

Prizes(Subject to change)