We’re introducing our first ever Three-Headed Dragon Challenge with sister tournaments in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific.

The Three-Headed Dragon Challenge

DreamHack has always had a history of the massive Hearthstone Swiss tournaments featuring the Last Hero Standing format.

We’re bringing back that legacy for the inaugural DreamHack Beyond event. And what could be better than a massive Swiss tournament? That’s right, three massive Swiss tournaments.

As DreamHack Beyond has no physical location, we want you to be able to play regardless if your collection lives in Europe, the Americas, or the Asia-Pacific.

Each tournament has a patronage of one of the Dragon Aspects creating a first ever Three-Headed Dragon Challenge.

How to sign up:

Asia-Pacific – registration opens on Wednesday July 21st, 16:00 KST

Europe – registration opens on Wednesday July 21st, 14:00 CEST

Americas – registration opens on Wednesday July 21st, 09:00 AM PDT

Don’t miss out on other fun activities available inside of DreamHack Beyond, which is open to everyone.


Total prize pool: $30,000

In addition, the winner of each tournament gets an invitation to the Hearthstone Masters Tour, which is the core of the official Hearthstone esports ecosystem


The Americas$10,000


Tournament schedule

Asia-Pacific (KST)
The Americas (PDT)
Jul 26, 16:00
Jul 27, 14:00
Jul 28, 9am
Jul 27, 16:00
Jul 28, 14:00
Jul 29, 9am
Jul 30, 16:00
Jul 31, 14:00
Aug 1, 9am


All three tournaments will be taking place on battlefy.com.

Asia-Pacific – registration opens on Wednesday July 21, 16:00 KST

Europe – registration opens on Wednesday July 21, 14:00 CEST

Americas – registration opens on Wednesday July 21, 09:00 AM PDT

You can only participate in one tournament, so choose wisely.

This tournament is governed by Blizzard’s very own Player’s Handbook.

Yes. As long as you have your collection on the respective server and fall under eligibility rules determined in the Player’s Handbook you can play in any of the three tournaments.

Each tournament offers a total of $10,000 USD with the following split:

1st place: $2,500 USD

2nd place: $1,500 USD

3-4th place: $1,000 USD

5-8th place: $500 USD

9-16th place: $250 USD

Additionally, each winner will receive an invite to Masters Tour Silvermoon* and immortalize themselves as the first Alexstrasza/Ysera/Malygos champion!

* Invite will pass down to the first eligible player who is not already invited.

You can stream all the games that are not on broadcast. This means that the only games that cannot be streamed are the Top 8 matches for each of the tournaments. 

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