Community Clash

Fill the LAN Party void in your life! Join us for the third season of grassroots competition where will have FREE tournaments from all over gaming. Hone your skills at your favorite game or enjoy competing with your friends — there is something for everyone.

Experience an array of gameplay, from fighting games, sports simulation, and shooters, to zombie survival, and space dogfights.

Compete in Rocket League, Team Fight Tactics, FIFA 21, and CoD: Zombies this season.

Our partners also offer tournaments in a variety of game titles, read more below.

Signups open now!

Prize Pool: $1,000 USD

Date: Mar 6

Prize Pool: $1,000 USD

Date: Mar 20

Prize Pool: $1,000 USD

Date: Apr 3

Prize Pool: $1,000 USD

Date: Apr 24


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Our partners are helping create exciting tournaments and engaging content, including:

House Rivalries

  • Regionalized Hearthstone Circuits: Mar – Apr
  • EU Valorant series: Apr – May





  • Weekly FGC Matches: Mar – Apr

  • Monthly Griffball matches featuring different versions of Halo: Apr – Jun


Operation Ace

  • Star Wars Squadrons: Apr


We’re excited to bring FGC tournaments to you at home, with a weekly $250 prize pool.

Fighting games used to be played in the arcade and are all about bringing people together. So win or lose, don’t miss out the chance to be part of the fighting games community!

Featuring a different game title every Tuesday, including Killer Instinct, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and more.