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Key content pillars

All the areas the Creator Hub has to offer at DreamHack

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DreamHack has offered content creators the opportunity to stream live from our Stream Studio over the years, but this year we are taking the concept to the next level and are offering creators an opportunity to further interact with their community, create unique content, and much more in our new Creator Hub, where you will bring your community to life.

The key content pillars

The Creator Arena is a big playground where creators can be active with their community, friends, or other creators. Attendees can also challenge each other, themselves, or their favorite creator in a set of already setup challenges and competitions. This area brings a unique opportunity for both creators and attendees to engage and connect in the physical world.

At Dallas we will have:
Mechanical Bull Riding competition
Longest Bull Ride
Arcade Challenge Showdown
Game Competition Highest Score Packman
Game Competition Highest Score Basketball
Game Competition best putput
Game Competition Most headshots Dear game
Game Competition Funniest moments
Knockout Champ (Highest Punching Score)
Social Media Challenge TikTok
Social Media Challenge MEME MASTER
Selfie time
Game Competition Duck Game
Game Competition Super Auto Pets Brackets
Game Competition Ulitmate Chicken Horse
Musical Streams
Speed Chess
Rock Paper Scissors competition
Fishbowl Competition Raffle
CornHole Competition

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Invited Creators

Do you create amazing cosplay, music, host a podcast or talk show. Come up with witty plays or 360 no scope the nerds? Welcome to the stream studio where you can create, build, grow and experience with your community what it’s like to stream from a live event. Been here before great! Just sign up here and let’s get the show started. Welcome to the stream studio at the creator hub!

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