Play Everything

PC games, consoles, mobile devices, and VR equipment you’ve never played will be open for you to try. No need to bring your own, grab a seat and play.


PC, Console, & Retro Freeplay
Friday, May 31–Sunday, June 2 @ 24hrs

Mobile & VR Freeplay
Friday, May 31–Sunday, June 2 @ 10AM–10PM

Console Freeplay

Take part in our console tournaments or just play whatever, whenever. New and old consoles for you to play with friends, strangers, or by yourself. We have plenty of options for plenty of people and no shortage of games to try.

Retro Freeplay

Simple game mechanics and stand-up two-player can’t be beat on old arcade machines. We pick out some great ancient gaming cabinets, but you’ll have to come to the show to find out which classics we’re bringing.

Mobile Freeplay

If you can’t stop playing games, on the bus, in meetings, on the toilet… well, mobile games are for you. iPad apps have a variety of high-production games from your 60hr+ titles to the two minute twitch games you always come back to.

VR Freeplay

It’s still pretty new, so if you haven’t tried any VR games you should definitely see if you like them. They make you dizzy, but the tech behind them is improving all the time, making the experiences better and the games more dynamic.

CLX PC Freeplay

Our PC Freeplay library grows with every show. We never drop a game from the catalog, we only add more for the next festival so you’ll never run out of games to check out. We’ve got indies, oldies, and fresh releases on every PC. Sponsored by CLX and Kinesis Gaming.

Enter Your PC, Console,
Mobile, & VR Games!

Participate at our event by submitting your game to our library. You’ll be promoted on our website and your game will be featured in our Freeplay Zone at every festival! Check out the rules for more info.

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