Fresh Off the Grill

If you’re looking for something fresh and different to play, look no further than the indies. Every indie selected for our fest will show their game at a booth in our Expo and on the Indie Show & Tell Stage. Better yet, they’re organized into categories, so check out the list below and pick your favorite category so you can find the indies you want play at the show.


Friday, May 31 @ 12PM–8PM
Saturday, June 1  @ 12PM–8PM
Sunday, June 2 @ 11AM–7PM

Best Action

Provides tough physical challenges requiring hand-eye coordination and quick reaction time
Bark City Brawl
Black Salt Coreuption
Them’s Fightin’ Herds
Trap Labs

Best Action Adventure

Combines the action and adventure experience, blending narrative with combat
Freedom Planet 2
Outpost Delta
The Ambassador:
Fractured Timelines

Best Adventure

The player is immersed in an interactive story driven by exploration and problem-solving
Depths of Sanity

Best AR/VR Experience

The player experiences a simulated environment that immerses them in a constructed reality
Winter Fury: The Longest Road
XING: The Land Beyond

Best Arthouse

Provides a profound statement by emphasizing art as an experience with a strong narrative or concept
Project Arrhythmia

Best Casual

Simpler gameplay, mobile titles, and/or puzzle titles that are fun in short intervals or more accessible to a spectrum of age groups
Ooga Booga: The Prehistoric
Survival Game

Best Early Access

Titles that are unreleased or still seeking funding with strong community endorsement (not limited to Early Access platform)
Super Animal Royale

Best Horror

Titles that use fear as an obstacle, often with unpredictable enemies and outcomes, excessive gore, or unsettling narratives
The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED]
Krumpet Town

Best Humor

Titles that make you laugh hard with comedy being the main focus of the experience
Shadow Fencer Theatre
Wave Break

Best Multiplayer

Provides an exciting co-op gameplay experience and can be couch, online, or both
Balls Out
Mini Wheels
Project Winter
Sage Ball

Best RPG

The player is immersed in the role of a character in a narrative, able to upgrade, modify, or enhance their character over time
Bound By Blades
Last Epoch
Popup Dungeon
Rogue Empire:
Crawler RPG

Best Strat/Sim

Provides an experience involving situational awareness and decision-making wherein learning and planning play a large role
Fell Seal:
Arbiter’s Mark
Summoners Fate


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