15 Minutes of Fame

Every dev from the Indie Playground gets a spot on our stage to do… whatever! They’ll give talks, do demos, competitions, giveaways, or anything else to entertain you during their time in the spotlight. In addition to this, the final round of the Game Pitch Championship will be hosted on the stage.

Check back for the Indie Show & Tell Stage Schedule

A full schedule of the Indie Playground dev talks and Game Pitch Championship Finals for Dallas will be posted closer to the event.

Enter Your Game

If you want to submit your indie game or game pitch, please see the
Indie Playground or Game Pitch Championship page for details on how to enter.

Indie Games Plus

Indie Games Plus is a Patreon-funded look into the world of indie games and their development, continuing to provide coverage of unique games, interviews with the artists who created them, and reviews and editorials that delve into the nuances of many titles. Their goal is to find the games few are talking about and give them the spotlight they deserve, promoting the variety, inclusivity, and heart that is poured into these works.
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Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now!

Discounted Wave #1 tickets are only available until April 15, 2019.

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