Collegiate & Youth Esports

There are currently 60+ universities that have invested in the esports and gaming industry and offer scholarships for prospective students to attend their universities. There has been an emphasis on youth and recreation gaming programs, with a focus to educate millennials and gen z of the opportunity to work and play professionally within gaming. This panel takes a deep dive into the future impact of collegiate and youth gaming.

Moderator: Ryan Johnson, Founder & CEO, Nexus Entertainment and Sports

  1. GamerU- Herb May Founder and CEO
  2. UConnect Esports – Dylan Liu, Founder and CEO
  3. Next Level Gaming – Tommy Knapp, Founder, and CEO
  4. Arizona State University – Danielle George, Vice President
  5. American Esports – Christian Gross, VP, Institutional Development
  • Axes Replay

  • June 2nd, 1pm–2pm

  • Panel Room #1

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