Crowdfunding Your Game… Or Not!

Corey Wright

Panel Description

Have a game idea? Need some cash? Considering using crowdfunding to bring your game to life? In this session, Corey Wright from Massif Games will talk about how to use what he calls “bootstrap marketing” and the painful lessons learned in both a major success on Kickstarter, and a major failure.

Bio: Corey Wright, an entrepreneur, active backer, and advocate of crowdfunding as a way for individuals and startups to raise capital, will be sharing his experience. Since 2014, he has completed five crowdfunding campaigns, including a major success for a product called “Mountaineers” that raised over $175,000 on Kickstarter and Crowdox, and a major failure for a product called Kartoffelkrieg that went viral but failed to gain paying backers. Like most entrepreneurs, he has learned more from the failures than the successes.

Corey is also a Venture Catalyst working with Oregon Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network – RAIN to build the Linn Benton entrepreneurial ecosystem and is currently helping several startups in the region prepare to start their own crowdfunding campaigns.

  • June 2nd, 3pm–4pm

  • Panel Room #1

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